Sega has not done a great job in creating 3D video games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic games in 2D gave the Blue Blur its permanent spot in video game history, but Sega just seemingly could not replicate that success upon adding a dimension to the Sonic platformers.

As such, Sonic fans who have been looking for the perfect 3D video game featuring their favorite hedgehog have so far been disappointed. Perhaps fans can do a better job than Sega in developing a 3D Sonic game?

It is still far from perfect, but it is considered to be much better than any 3D Sonic game that Sega has ever released. Titled Green Hill Paradise Act 2, obviously inspired by the Green Hill zone of the Sonic games of the past, the fan-made video game shows how a 3D Sonic game should be made.

The video game was created by Daniel Coyle, also known as SuperSonic68, with the help of many contributors. The game was developed using the 3D Sonic Games Development Kit, which is a collection of source codes that will allow anybody to create a Sonic game in 3D.

Green Hill Paradise Act 2 can be completed in just a few minutes if the player decides to blast through the level by staying on the set path and unleashing Sonic's speed. However, the selling point of the video game is that it enables players to fully explore the level, which contains secrets such as hidden pathways, areas to accumulate speed and, of course, rings for collecting.

However, as is the problem with all the other Sonic games in 3D, putting the brakes on the speed rushes for platforming actions such as moving to a certain spot, drains all the fun. In Green Hill Paradise Act 2 though, players will be able to do a quick reset or choose to move to a different part of the level.

Still, Green Hill Paradise Act 2 is arguably the best 3D Sonic experience ever made, and Sega should take notes on what makes the game so endearing to players.

In July, Sega announced that two new Sonic titles will be released next year. The first game, Sonic Mania, features the classic 3D platforming gameplay that made the franchise a very popular one. It will reimagine different Acts and Zones from previous Sonic games while also adding new Zones and bosses.

Meanwhile, Sega is keeping the details of the second game, still untitled but referred to as Project Sonic, as a secret.

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