The word in town is that Apple's working on the MacBook Pro 2016, and it's been busy on that end because this time around, the changes are expected to be more than just upgraded specs and a thinner form factor.

Rumors surrounding the anticipated notebook have been more than generous online, and to make sure everyone's up to speed about what could be in store, here's a roundup of the talks that are circulating.

The Awaited Redesign

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the next iterations of the lineup are going to have a "smaller footprint," but more than that, they are also possibly getting a sleeker look and a revamped design thanks to "shallower curves around the edges."

Thinner Yet Again

The new MacBook Pro is shedding off more weight to become even thinner, reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says. To do just that, Apple is reportedly going to use specialized hinges to make it possible.

One Is Lonely, Two Is Company

Coming from Kuo again, the Cupertino brand is said to unwrap not one but two models of the MacBook Pro in 13- and 15-inch variants.

Forget F Keys, OLED Display Touch Bar Is Where It's At

Arguably one of the most exciting features that's coming, the OLED display touch bar is said to be placed instead of the familiar F key functions above the number keys of the keyboard. On top of that, it's believed to be fully customizable too, where users can set the functions to open apps such as Spotify or assign volume controls to other keys aside from the defaults.

Intel And AMD Components Under The Hood

Gurman says that most, if not all, of the MacBook Pro models will house Intel Skylake chips, and for those who need a little more oomph in the graphic processing side of things, there are going to be variants with AMD Polaris units powering things up.

TouchID For Fingerprint Security

Just like on the iPhone, Kuo speculates that the upcoming notebooks will have TouchID technology under the power buttons. That means users can unlock them using their fingers, and aside from security, it adds a little convenience in the mix.

Ready For The Future With USB-C

With a USB-C port at hand, faster transfer speeds for data between an external device and the laptop are going to be a standard. However, the slot is said to be used for charging too, and that means it won't be available for other purposes while the device is plugged in. On that note, it could lose the MagSafe feature, one of Apple's greatest offerings. If this rumor holds true, then users better be careful and not trip on the cable when they're juicing up their notebooks.

Latest macOS Sierra From The Get-Go

To no one's surprise, the new MacBook Pro will run on the latest macOS Sierra. For a little background of what it brings to the table, it offers the Auto Unlock option, which lets Apple Watch owners unlock the notebook with the wearable, and a Universal Clipboard to make it easier for users to copy and paste text among Apple devices, to name a few.

Release Date Is As Early As October

The next MacBook Pro models could be announced and roll out in October, if Gurman's prediction is anything to go by. At any rate, the new lineup will soon hit shelves everywhere in due time.

That's it for the roundup. Take note that since these details are compiled from leaks, hearsay and whatnot, they should be taken with a grain of salt, but if nothing else, they give a good idea of how the upcoming Apple-branded laptops will turn out to be.

With everything said and done, what do you think of the rumors about the 2016 MacBook Pro? Feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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