'DOOM' Deathmatch, Arcade Mode And Private Matches Coming Soon: Tune In For The Livestream Next Week [Video]


Doom fans should get their skills ready as the game is ready to expand with a Deathmatch mode, a Private match option and a mysterious Arcade mode.

Bethesda announced that the upcoming features will be livestreamed soon.

Deathmatch, Private Match, Arcade Mode

The gaming company that brought Doom back to life touted that a multiplayer match filled with fast paced action is in tow. With Private matches, gamers will have additional control over the specific settings of a multiplayer match.

This means map choosing, time limiting or score capping will be at the player's whim. What is more, private matches can also tweak the presence of demons and power weapons.

Little information surfaced about the Arcade mode and its details, which caused Bethesda to promise a short glimpse of the new mode for Doom.

The live stream featuring these modes for the beloved game will begin at 11 a.m. Pacific Time on Sept. 13. Tune in to Twitch to be among the first to get a glimpse of the new epicness from Doom.

Marty Stratton, the Game Director, himself acknowledged that it would have been a way better idea to have the Deathmatch mode embedded in the title's original launch back in May. However, the developing team downgraded it to the bottom of their priority list due to an unusual focus on team modes. The game turned out to be rather good, as reviewers point out, but a Deathmatch mode would have given it an extra edge.

Luckily for both the players and Bethesda, the former were very vocal about the addition of a Deathmatch mode, and the latter listened. At the live streaming event, Stratton will talk about the recent developments of the game and will be joined by id Software colleague, Hugo Martin.

Release Date

Gamers can expect to see the Private match and Deathmatch modes for Doom land with the "Free Update 3." The add-on is supposed to arrive near September's end. (Maybe Green Day was on to something, then?) The Arcade mode is also scheduled for this fall, but for a significantly later date.

All major gaming platforms will receive the update, so Doom players will be able to face each other on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

To incentivize users to watch next week's live stream, Bethesda is offering prizes to lucky viewers. Some of them are a customized UAC Xbox One gaming console, alongside game copies that come with the legendary signature of id Software.

Until then, check out the teaser video for the upcoming features.

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