The moment Apple users have all been waiting for is here.

Sure, we are all excited about the release of iOS 10 today, the software update that gives us lots of new features like the new iMessage app with the ability to send stickers and animations, Apple Maps with third-party app integration and the newly designed Apple Music.

However, the best news of all is that iPhone users can finally delete all the unwanted apps that are pre-installed on the device with iOS 10.

Finally, we can get rid of Stocks and other Apple apps that we never launch.

However, with the release of a new software update, there are usually some bugs, so many might want to hold off on installing iOS 10 for a few more days to let others test the waters.

Those feeling brave can update to iOS 10 by following the directions below and start deleting pre-installed apps.

Step 1: Back Up Your Phone

Once ready to download the software update, it's important that the user first back up their iPhone so that, in the worst case scenario, if iOS 10 brings on the blue screen of death, all the user's important info like photos are all saved.

Back up the device by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup, or connect the smartphone to the computer and back it up using iTunes.

Step 2: Install Software Update

To install iOS 10, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Make sure that the iPhone is charging in order to have enough power to download.

Step 3: Delete Unwanted Apps

Once the update is compete, users will be able to start deleting pre-installed apps. These include Apple apps like Stocks, Calculator, Compass, Find My Friends, iBooks, iTunes Store, Music, News, Podcasts, Reminders and the Watch app.

However, warning! While some of these apps are useless for many (Stocks, iBooks), deleting apps like Music means the user can't use it with CarPlay.

To delete these pre-installed apps, do so in the very same way the user deletes a downloaded app. Push down on the app icon until it wiggles and tap on the "X" to delete. A window will then pop up asking if the user is sure they want to remove the app.

Deleting apps like Stocks makes it so that the user has more room to display other apps that they more frequently use. However, this only accounts to less than 150 MB.

Some pre-installed apps are only hidden from their home screen when deleted. This is actually a good thing, because a user might not listen to podcasts now, but then get into Serial and want the app back. To restore a built-in app, search for the name of it (ex: Podcasts) in the App Store to download it again by tapping on the download cloud symbol.

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