No matter how much you are glowing on the inside, sometimes, not even the best lighting, angle and perfect smile can take away from noticing that your skin is not looking as radiant as you wish. While there are countless different photo editing apps that will help remove acne and smooth out your skin, the finished image usually has you looking too fake and clearly Photoshopped.

What you might really need is to switch up your beauty routine to include a skin care product that will effectively work on your trouble areas, whether that's acne, wrinkles or dark spots. The problem is that many of these products can get expensive, and the user might not want to cough up the cash if they are unsure of how safe it is or if the product even works.

However, now, ModiFace is using its augmented reality expertise to team up with dermatologists to have its app users try out different skin care products and see the effects it will have on their skin in real-time so that they are left feeling fresh-faced and fabulous.

ModiFace announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence-based video editing technology on Monday that is able to identify and assess any problem areas of a user's skin and then make the changes needed to fix the problem in real-time.

Created alongside a panel of dermatologists, the new Skin AI technology works by automatically adjusting the user's skin after analyzing the live video captured in the app. The user sees a spilt screen with a before and after video so that they can see just how much the tech helped improve their skin. Skin AI will even out skin tone, get rid of dryness, acne, fine lines, dark spots, dislocations and rosacea.

This is more than just a vanity tool. The Skin AI tech can help give insight into a user's heath and aging by analyzing their skin. They might be able to better notice their problem areas and see the difference if they addressed these problems and were proactive about doing so.

This is where brands come in. Skin care brands will be able to tap into the tech to show users the impact their products can have on their next potential customer. Think of it as being able to "try on" the product in virtual reality before actually buying it.

Brands will be able to use the app module or web-API to allow customers to get accurate product visualizations.

ModiFace, which also allows users to try on makeup looks in real-time, provides the AR technology for many different companies in the beauty industry like L'Oreal and Sephora. The company reports that there are already a few skin care brands that are in the final stages of using the Skin AI tech.

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