The Battlefield 1 beta ended last week to the sadness of more than a few gamers, and now, EA has revealed just how many people stepped into the boots of a World War I soldier during the week-long beta period.

According to EA, more than 13.2 million players jumped online during the beta, making the Battlefield 1 beta the largest multiplayer beta in EA history. For reference, Battlefield 1's 13.2 million players are at least three million more than the number of players who participated in the Star Wars Battlefront open beta last year, which EA counted to be more than nine million. However, the Battlefield 1 beta also ran for far longer than Star Wars Battlefront's test period, which was only available for a weekend.

The numbers are still impressive regardless. Alongside the total number of participants, EA is also shining light on which player classes are the most popular and the total number of deaths by vehicles, horses and the beta map's deadly armored train. If you were wondering during the beta where all the medics were at, wonder no more. EA's statistics show that players only picked the health-dispensing and teammate-reviving medic a measly 10 percent of the time.

The ammo-giving Support class was chosen 20 percent of the time, while the top spots went to the Assault class with 30 percent and the Scout (sniper) class 28 percent of the time. The remaining 11 percent chose one of the game's Tanker, Pilot or Cavalry classes.

It wouldn't be Battlefield without vehicles, and players dished out some serious carnage with them over the course of the beta. Players racked up 23.8 million "road kills" in a vehicle, while a massive 62.2 million kills were dealt on horseback. The beta map's armored train also did some work, killing 13 million players.

Other statistics offered by EA include 28.9 million melee kills during the beta and the fact that the game's Tank Hunter elite class proved to be the most destructive of the bunch.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Battlefield 1's impressive beta numbers will translate to big sales this holiday season, but the momentum certainly appears to be in the game's favor. Battlefield 1 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 21. Players who preorder the deluxe version of the game will be able to play four days early on Oct. 17, as well as receive a number of exclusive unlocks.

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