While iOS 10 may be giving some users nightmares after they updated to the latest Apple mobile OS, the new firmware brings in its folds an enhanced Siri.

The popular voice assistant is not only more predictive and responsive, but can also more swiftly assist you in several tasks. We take a look at the top 3 new features Siri has benefited from in iOS 10.

1. Know Who's Calling

This is a handy little feature that is a welcome addition especially when one is driving. Siri is now equipped to announce not only the name, but also the number of the incoming call.

To enable the feature, simply do the following:

Go to Settings > Phone > Call > Announce Calls.

Choose any of the options: whether you want Siri to announce the calls when connected to CarPlay and when the earphones are on, or when the headphones are on, or if you never/always want Siri to announce the incoming call.

2. Hail A Ride

Booking a ride on Lyft or Uber now gets simpler thanks to Siri. You don't even need to access the ride-hailing apps! Simply instruct Siri to "Book me an Uber" or "Order a Lyft."

If you ask Siri to book an Uber, it will follow up and ask you which category you prefer, UberGo or UberX. Once you make your preference clear, Siri detects your location and alerts you of the nearest available cab as well as the estimated fare to your destination. You can then confirm the booking request or cancel it.

Just ensure that the Uber or Lyft app is updated to the latest version that supports iOS 10!

3. Retrieve Photos Easily

This feature is also pretty handy, especially if you find it annoying to sift through realms and realms of images in your photo gallery just to locate a particular snapshot.

Siri now makes life easier and is able to search for a picture from a particular date on iOS 10. For example, if you want Siri to seek out a picture taken on your birthday in March, simply issue the voice command "Show me photos from March 11." It really is that easy! No more scrolling through a massive library!

That's not all. You can even instruct Siri to look up images from "last week" or "yesterday" or even "last month." You can even issue commands to find videos in your photo library.

We know we said top 3 features, but here's a bonus one!

Make WhatsApp Calls

Siri on iOS 10 is now able not only to make regular calls, but also WhatsApp calls. She can even send a message on your behalf if you're feeling lazy to type!

All you have to do is instruct Siri to make a WhatsApp call to the contact of your choice. If it is a WhatsApp message you wish to send, dictate the same and select the contact it is meant for!

For instance, you wish to send a WhatsApp message to your friend Jane. Simply instruct Siri to do so. She will ask which number, if you have more than one Jane on your list, and you tap the apt option. Finally, dictate the message, "Movie plans on Friday?"

Siri will ask for a confirmation and then send the message across!

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