iPhone 7 Dropped From A Helicopter Continues To Work - Check This Out [Video]


The iPhone 7 is one tough cookie, as it just survived being dropped from a helicopter.

With Apple's latest iPhone 7 out and about, it was only a matter of time before brutal drop tests emerged to push the limits of its durability. Each time a new flagship comes out, a few brave souls take it upon themselves to test what it takes to break the device.

From drop tests to torture tests to "will it blend" tests, high-end flagships that make waves always get brutal treatments, and the iPhone 7 was not about to get away.

We've already seen iPhone 7 scratch and bend tests, as well as iPhone 7 waterproof tests submerging the device in water, soda, hot coffee and the ocean. What we haven't seen, however, is the iPhone 7 being dropped from a helicopter. Haven't seen it until now, that is.

If the previous torture tests were not convincing enough, YouTuber Callux went out and bought an iPhone 7 with the sole purpose of getting it up in the air and dropping it from a helicopter to see just how durable the device really is.

Obviously, don't try this at home — not even if you happen to have a helicopter in your backyard — but the video from Callux is definitely entertaining to watch.

Understandably, the iPhone 7 didn't walk away from this unscathed, as being dropped from a helicopter is bound to cause some serious damage. Nevertheless, despite the apparent beating, the impressive part is that the iPhone 7 continues to work even after its agitated flight.

It's worth noting here that the iPhone 7 landed on grass, which surely made its fall considerably less brutal than if it were dropped on concrete. Even so, the phone looks better than we imagined it would after being dropped from that height.

The iPhone 7 that flew out of a helicopter got a shattered screen from the tumble (see image above), but otherwise it's still working. Not only did it not shut down or die altogether, it even continued recording despite the massive drop.

As a reminder, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus made their debut earlier this month and went on sale this past Friday, already enjoying high demand. Apple added several improvements over the previous generation, including water resistance, optical image stabilization for the smaller model, more RAM for the larger model, faster processors and other enhancements.

Apple did not advertise its smartphone's durability to be quite as high as it appears from this video, but it seems that the iPhone 7 can survive a massive drop from up above.

Curious? Check out the video below to see how the iPhone 7 survived being dropped from a helicopter.

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