Sony just took the wraps off its recent camera called A99 II. This particular shooter is significant for the company since it comes with worthy flagship specs, not seen since the release of the A900 back in 2008.

The A99 II is a full-frame camera outfitted with a massive 42.4 megapixel pro cam technology. The CMOS sensor is back illuminated, delivering high-resolution images. This allows the camera to have enhanced light-collection efficiency and uniform light penetration regardless of the lens center or the peripheral areas.

According to Sony, the camera is "supremely specified, professional level camera that will be particularly appealing to sports and wildlife photographers."

Several of its unique features should also set the A99 II apart from recently released competitors particularly in the mirrorless camera segment.

For instance, the camera will be the first in the Sony Alpha DSLR line to sport the 4D Focus tech, which boasts of a hybrid autofocusing system capable of 79 dedicated phase detection points and 399 focal plane phase detection points. These figures power the camera's swift "full-time" autofocus when capturing fast-moving subjects in up to 12 fps continuous shooting.

Sony also touts the camera's Translucent Mirror Technology that contributes in the high-precision AF system especially when tracking rapid movement, even those that cannot be detected by the naked eye.

The autofocus feature, which seems to be the camera's main selling point, is also complemented by the 5-axis image stabilization called SteadyShot INSIDE. This technology ensures the A99 II's greater reliability not just in capturing far or fast-moving objects but also those taken during low-light conditions. The analogy is that it makes the camera as effective as using a 4.5-step faster shutter speed.

The A99 II is also better built with its more compact magnesium alloy body.

"The redesigned body is 8 percent smaller than the A99, thanks to the re-examination of the internal layout and the reduced size of the 5-axis image stabilization system," Sony said. "Meticulous attention has been paid to the smallest details, so the new camera provides excellent operability and reliable body rigidity in addition to downsized body dimensions."

For those wondering about the A99 II's video capability, the camera supports 4K movie recording in Super 35 mm format. Sony claims that it can collect 1.8 times as much information required for this resolution, allowing for more realistic depth and dimension.

With its specifications, the A99 II is certainly aimed at serious photographers and camera enthusiasts. It therefore comes at an eye-watering price of $3,199.99. The figure, however, is lower than some of its competitors such as Canon's EOS 5D Mark IV, which is bound to hit the stores later this month.

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