Although many people (maybe rightfully) assume that Tinder is all about looks when it comes to the first impression, there are many things a potential match can pick up on just by quickly looking at someone's profile — besides whether or not this person looks like they could be their next date. This includes having a profile picture that also reveals something about a person, such as that they love to travel or are into fitness, as well as a creative "about me" section that shows off their personality.

However, now, Tinder is making it easier for matches to connect based on their taste in music with a new profile feature that is powered by Spotify.

Tinder announced the new Spotify feature in a blog post on Tuesday that makes finding a date a more sensory experience. That's because people can connect based on their shared love for a particular artist or genre. Who knows, they might just hit it off when meeting up at the concert both users were planning on attending.

Tinder now allows users to add music to their profile by linking with Spotify with just a tap. Interestingly enough, this feature works whether or not the Tinder user has a Spotify account.

Users will then be asked to choose their "Anthem," that one song that tells their story, which is to be displayed directly on their profile. They do so by searching through the Spotify database to find their perfect track and tapping "confirm."

The Anthem will then be displayed alongside that user's profile about me section under their text.

The user should choose a song that is pretty much the soundtrack of their life right now, or that one song they have on repeat. They can change their song at any time, so they don't have to worry about finding that one track that defines their entire existence. After all, just like our taste in the type of people we date sometimes changes, so does our taste in music.

Users who do connect to their Spotify accounts by visiting the Profile Settings section in the dating app will also be able to select their favorite artists to also be shared on their profile. These will appear in the new "My Top Spotify Artists" section under the about me section. This will give further insight into a person's music preferences so that users can swipe through profiles based on whether or not they are into the same genres.

This feature allows users to see the artists they have in common with others, bringing yet another way to find a potential match based on this common interest.

The new Spotify music feature for Tinder profiles began rolling out to users on Tuesday.

Source: Tinder

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