It's difficult to put in a hard day of work when employees start suffering from back pain that makes them need to get up to stretch. While it's good to get up and walk around every once in a while, extreme back pain could prevent the worker from staying focused on their task and have it become a job in itself just to sit at their desk on their computers.

This is where the λ Chair comes in.

Since every body is different, the λ Chair is the perfect office chair because it is able to be customized by each individual to give them to proper neck and back support they need.

Developed by the New York-based company Autonomous Inc., picking up this new smart office product will be the most intelligent decision a business or office worker will make.

The λ Chair is designed with flexibility in mind. The person sitting in the chair can adjust everything from the seat, back of the chair, head rest and arm rest to multiple angles and directions to provide the most comfortable position.

This is all done with the chair's easy-to-use single lever lock and tilt mechanism.

The adjustable lumbar support will prevent lower back pain, while the adjustable mesh headrest can provide neck support when needing to lean back instead of being hunched toward the computer.

The λ Chair is made with soft fabric with a mesh back and can support the weight of up to 330 lbs.

Not only will this office chair prevent backaches, but it will also promote good posture, which can help prevent any future back or neck complications.

Since the chair is more comfortable than stiff options that don't offer much support or options to adjust more than just the height of the seat, employees can be more productive at work by focusing on their projects and not on their current state of pain. This makes λ Chair ideal for both home offices and corporations alike.

The team at Autonomous launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this product. The company was able to reach its $25,000 goal in just 30 short minutes. The crowdfunding campaign was close to $100,000 from backers with plenty of time to go, which shows just how interested the public is in this office chair.

Those who pledge $249 or more will get the Kickstarter special for the λ Chair, which is expected to ship this December.

Source: Kickstater

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