If a good idea is worth a million dollars, creating a tiny box with buttons people can fidget with is one the best ideas ever conceived.

Introducing Fidget Cube, a toy that allows those who are nervous, anxious or just bored at work to keep their fingers busy to help calm their mind or kill some time.

While this may seem like a silly little knickknack, it has exploded on Kickstarter, already raising more than $2 million in less than a week.

Created by Matthew and Mark McLachlan, Fidget Cube helps those who can't stop fidgeting do so without driving colleagues and friends crazy.

More discreet than constantly clicking or tapping a pen or biting nails, the vinyl desk toy looks like a die, complete with six sides, and has enough features to suit all your fidgeting needs.

This includes the "Click" side that features three clicker buttons and two silence buttons that are the better alternative to the pen. Then, there is the "Glide" side that resembles a joystick, perfect when you just need to let off some tension by using your thumb. The "Flip" side has a switch that can be moved back and forth. The user can pivot this switch gently while taking a test or at a work meeting, or quickly to hear a more satisfying sound.

Next up is the "Breathe" side that is inspired by worry stones. The user simply rubs on the indented surface to reduce anxiety. The "Roll" side features both gears and ball for that rolling movement. The ball on this side also can be clicked on. Lastly, the "Spin" side consists of a dial that spins.

The Fidget Cube comes in eight different colors: Die, Graphite, Aqua, Sunset, Berry, Fresh and Retro and is meant to be a high-end toy that can be left on a school or work desk as needed to get rid of anxiety or stress, and is the perfect size to pop into your pocket.

There are many different reasons why people fidget, but there are studies that found fidgeting can help kids think better and perform better in school and allows people to better focus on tasks. Think of it as a stress toy that can be used while studying, passing time during a work meeting, trying to keep sane while commuting or de-stressing in front of the TV.

If you just can't wait to get your hands on this stress toy to help you click away all your worries, you can pledge $19 (retail price of $25) to get Fidget Cube when it starts shipping this December.

Apparently, many people are on board with this idea, since over 50,000 backers have helped the creators raise over $2 million of its humble $15,000 goal — and there are still 40 more days to go.

Source: Kickstarter

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