Pax Labs has rolled out two new vaping systems, and users can get the new and posh gadgets just in time for the upcoming holidays.

The company debuted in 2012 with its first Pax vaporizer and gained a solid foothold in the market because of its user-friendly and intuitive vaporizers. In 2015, it released the Pax 2, which was commended as one of the best products in its niche.

Also in November last year, Pax Labs teamed up with musician Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) to promote a variant of the Pax 2 that delivers a truly memorable vaping experience.

In June 2015, the enterprise secured a not-so-shabby $46.7 million in funding and released two fresh devices and a smartphone app that will take vaping to the next level.

Pax 3

The device takes a leaf out of the design and features book of the Pax 2 but adds an increased customizable experience. This means that users get to fine-tune their sessions and select between loose-leaf or marijuana concentrates.

Both smart gestures and the built-in accelerometer are still there, but the heating system can now heat up in only 15 seconds. What is more, the Pax 3 can holster a total of three ovens that are easy to swap: one full-size, one half-pack for shorter sessions and one attachment that plays nice with the novel Pax Era concentrate pods.

The device makes use of a haptic feedback system to tell users when it goes into standby or when it turns off.

Pax Era

The Pax Era, which bears some semblance to the nicotine-focused Juul device, claims to be the first temperature-controlled portable oil vaporizer.

According to the manufacturer, the Era Pods that fuel the Pax Era offer a superior flavor and enhanced vapor quality. Not only that, but customization is key in the Era as well.

The gadget gives users access to neat, unique features such as a "puff counter" that pops up on the LED display. This makes it easy to keep track of your sessions, and thanks to the integration with the new Pax Vapor app, users get a complete breakdown of each one.

Thanks to the integration of a Bluetooth connection in the Pax Vapor app, both the Pax 3 and the Pax Era can also send relevant data to an iOS or Android device.

Using the app, users are able to tune their vaporizer to a specific temperature, modify the color themes of the LED or lock the device, which will come very handy for adults who have children around. The app will receive constant firmware.

Starting on Sept. 29, the Pax Era will be on sale in select stores in California and Colorado, and will cost $59.99 at

The Pax 3 will ask customers to shell out $274.99 per gadget and will land sometime in October. It will be available in Gold, Silver, Black and a Rose Gold limited edition.

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