The Weeknd might not being able to feel his face, but that's not stopping him from sharing the love with fellow smokers.

Abel Tesfaye, better known to us all as The Weeknd, has partnered with the startup Pax Labs to release a limited edition vaporizer in celebration of his North American tour and number one album, titled "Beauty Behind the Madness."

The Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax is a model that is similar to the company's Pax 2 device, which is popular among those who puff — and there's a good chance that you know at least one person (or have seen at least one person on Instagram) vaping, which continues to be a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Vaporizers, or simply "vapes," are electronic cigarette devices that are used by inhaling and exhaling water vapor through e-liquids (which consists of a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, artificial flavors and the option of nicotine). However, Pax Labs vapes don't use e-liquids, but rather allows users to pack in their own loose-leaf tobacco, which is then be heated instead of burned to release vapor.

The Weeknd's vape has a custom matte black shell that is engraved with his "XO" logo, and when you turn it on, his hit single "The Hills" plays so that you can smoke to the song.

The kit comes with the vaporizer, one charging cradle, one USB cord, one cleaning kit, one flat mouthpiece and one raised mouthpiece.

The Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax is a bit more expensive than the Pax 2, retailing for $324.99 (with free shipping), compared with the $280 for the previous model. Along with being available online and at select retailers, concert-goers will also be able to pick one up during his tour alongside The Weeknd's regular merchandise.

"With a shared perspective on beautiful design, love for our fans and creating moments of respite, The Weeknd and PAX make for the perfect team," the website reads. "On a zealous quest to bring the 'Beauty Behind the Madness,' we created this exclusive and limited edition device."

Pax Labs has previously partnered with other high-end partners in the fashion scene, with products sold at shops like Odin and Tenet. Known for his trippy R&B sound (and music videos) and rising celebrity status, it seems like The Weeknd is the perfect person to partner up with for the launch of a new device.

Source: The Verge

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