America will be tuning in tonight to watch Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton go head-to-head - or rather word for word - in the presidential debate that is taking place at Hofstra University in New York.

Interestingly enough, according to a survey from the dating app Happn, Clinton won the poll when users were asked who they plan to vote for, with 53 percent compared to Trump's 21 percent. Based on its poll of 965 users, Happn also found that its users would rather do things like go out on the town, go for a run, watch a movie, go out to eat and go for a walk with Hillary.

However, it was a tie when it came to who users would rather grab a drink with.

But no matter who we rather hang with and vote for, we all can't wait to see if Trump will dig himself into deep holes with his outlandish statements and if Clinton will attempt to bury truth behind her bed of lies. And we already know that throughout the entire debate we will have our smartphones ready, just waiting to send some commentary over to our family and friends.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of apps available in the app stores that are begging to be downloaded for this very reason.

Here are the best politically themed apps that will entertain both Trump and Clinton supporters.


One of the most entertaining apps to use tonight features texting others. Messaging app Kwippit provides an extensive gallery of images and GIFs users can express themselves with. And for tonight, that means options like Clinton in a jail getup or Trump wearing a sombrero every time he mentions Mexico.

Users can find these memes and stickers in the editor's choice (which is the star icon location on the bottom) or by searching for the candidate's names. Just make sure the keyboard is enabled in settings first to be able to add them to text.

Kwippit is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

Instant Regret - "He Said/She Said" Election 2016

This app is for those who hang on to every word Trump and Clinton say to use it against them in a multiplayer word game with friends or strangers. Get ready to use catchphrases like "build a wall" and words like "deplorable" to create hilarious statements.

Much like Mad Libs, players (four to 11) are asked to complete sentences with one person being assigned to anonymously judge each round. Whoever reaches 7 points first wins, and friends can be invited by text, email or Facebook Messenger.

Instant Regret - "He Said/She Said," the special election edition is available to download for free only for iOS.

TRUMP'S WALL - Build it Huuuge

Obviously this mobile game has players building a wall. And the bigger, the better. A Trump character stands on top of a crane that features various-sized blocks. The player must drop the block down and stack the next one and make the wall as high as they can. This game is actually quite addictive, and features a very angry Trump.

TRUMP'S WALL is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

Never Hillary / Never Trump

Never Hillary and Never Trump are addicting satirical games that consist of the player tapping on either candidate's face each time it appears in order to prevent him/her from reaching the White House. With each level, the difficulty increases so have that thumb ready.

Never Hillary and Never Trump are both available to download for free for iOS and Android.

(There is also another option of the same name that is whack-a-mole style.)


In all seriousness, after watching the first debate, many people might feel even more confused as to whom to vote for. That's where Voter comes in, an app that helps the user see which candidate they side with more when it comes to important issues.

Voter works like Tinder where the user first answers some questions about their political beliefs and then swipe though issues before being matched with a candidate.

Voter is available to download for free, but only for iOS.

Photo: DonkeyHotey | Flickr

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