Earlier this month, alien conspiracy theorists reported finding a snake in a NASA Mars photo. Now, a UFO enthusiast claimed to have found what appears to be a crashed flying saucer in the image taken by the U.S. space agency's Mars Curiosity Rover.

Although the object may just be a strange looking massive rock, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists think that it is some sort of an alien craft.

The object is resting on top of a hill on the Red Planet and since it is not flying, UFO hunter Streetcap1 merely described it as an unidentified "anomaly" with "windows."

In his video clip "Martian Hill Anomaly," which was uploaded on YouTube on Sept.22, Streetcap1 presented images of the saucer-like object on top of a Martian hill.

"Doesn't really fit in with the surrounding rocks," he wrote in the video's description. "It is at the summit of the mountain and very far off, so if it is a rock then it must be massive. Also it looks like there are windows on it."

Streetcap1 said the object is interesting because it stands out from the rest of the other rocks nearby. The object, for instance, is darker. It is also spherical and marked by a raised center that make it appear like it is a flying saucer, objects that are often associated with extraterrestrial beings.

The mysterious object is linked to the idea of alien life present on planet Mars. UFO Sightings Daily operator Scott Waring said that the flying saucer-like anomaly could indicate the presence of an alien. He said that the object could be a flying disk that landed or possibly a building that was purposely built to get a better view.

NASA, which has been sending missions to the Red Planet to investigate the habitability of this arid world, however, has yet to confirm that the second smallest planet in the Solar System indeed hosts alien life.

Those who dismiss the supposed evidences of alien life forms on planet Mars say the images are photoshopped or the objects in Mars' photos are taken out of context.

In the case of the flying saucer-like object on Curiosity's image, for instance, some think the disk is photoshopped.

Others think that pareidolia is at play. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon which involves a stimulus such as an image or a sound wherein a person's mind perceives a familiar pattern of an object or person where none actually exists.

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