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Curiosity Rover Finds High Levels Of Methane On Mars

Last week, Curiosity rover detected unusually high levels of methane, a gas generated by microbes and other living organisms, in Gale Crater. NASA recently released the results from the rover's follow-up observations.

Space June 27, 2019

Extraterrestrial Organic Matter Discovered In The Mountains Of South Africa

Ancient volcanic rock dated to 3.3 billion years ago contains organic matter originating from outer space, supporting theories that life on Earth sprung from material from elsewhere. What does this mean for our hunt for alien life?

Space May 27, 2019

Researchers Say Life On Mars Still Possible But May Still Be Hidden

During the Breakthrough Discuss conference at UC Berkeley last month, a researcher argued that life of some form continues to exist on Mars. However, he suggested that they might be in hiding.

Space May 14, 2019

Group Of Researchers Stresses Importance Of Dynamics That Make Planets Habitable

Researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science said that the inner composition of a planet is equally important in determining the potential for life. They explained that the processes that take place underneath can also affect conditions on the surface.

Space May 4, 2019

Life May Have Started In The Solar System Before Rocky Planets Like Earth Formed

Could life have preceded the planets? Scientists say yes, adding that primitive cosmic objects may have even seeded Earth with life in its early years.

Space April 26, 2019

Scientists Explore Possibility of Aliens Observing Humans In A ‘Galactic Zoo’

Are aliens out there? If there is extraterrestrial life beyond Earth, scientists said one possible reason why Earth hasn't heard from them is that they're watching humans the way humans watch animals in a zoo.

Space March 26, 2019

Scientists Create Artificial Ocean Hydrothermal Vents To Study Primordial Origins Of Life

A team of scientists investigated the conditions of the primordial ocean to understand how life began on Earth. They believe that this could help narrow down the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe.

Earth/Environment February 26, 2019

Scientists Synthesize Artificial DNA With 4 New Nucleobases

Researchers believe that the hachimoji DNA can help NASA's search for life outside of Earth. In a study, they presented an eight-nucleotide synthetic molecular system that can store and transmit genetic information of a potential extraterrestrial organism.

Space February 22, 2019

NASA Scientist Thinks Aliens May Not Be Carbon-Based And May Have Already Visited Our Planet

Have aliens visited Earth? A NASA scientist recommended that the scientific community reconsiders currently held assumptions about extraterrestrial life, including the idea that they are carbon-based and that they have never visited Earth.

Space December 10, 2018

Omega Centauri Probably Doesn’t Have Any Sign Of Life, Scientists Say

Omega Centauri has been ruled out to have a possible habitable zone. According to the researchers, the rate at which its stars interact with each other would be too high to harbor any form of life.

Space August 11, 2018

NASA Leads New Search For Alien Life With Scientists Developing Guidebook For Finding Biosignatures

NASA announced a new project aimed at searching extraterrestrial life among the thousands of exoplanets that had already been discovered in the past. The new project sought the participation of experts coming from different scientific disciplines.

Space June 27, 2018

Advanced Alien Civilizations Could Be Living In Galaxy Clusters, And Humanity Would Do Well To Follow

Harvard astronomer Abraham Loeb proposed that the search for extraterrestrial life could yield better results in galaxy clusters. He also said humans are better off migrating to these clusters.

Space June 26, 2018

Fermi Paradox Reassessed: Humans Likely The Only Intelligent Species In Observable Universe

Three scholars reevaluated the Fermi Paradox and concluded that humans are most likely the only intelligent life in the observable universe. The experts applied the Drake equation to perform their reassessment.

Space June 25, 2018

New Type Of Photosynthesis Could Help Humans Colonize Space One Day

A newly uncovered type of photosynthesis that occurs in blue-green algae could one day help humans create colonies in space. The researchers said their discovery could revolutionize photosynthesis as humans know it.

Space June 15, 2018

Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Substantially More Organic Material Than Previously Thought

Astronomers studying Ceres found out that there is a surprisingly high amount of organic material on the dwarf planet than they thought. Scientists first found organic materials on the icy, rocky world in 2017.

Space June 14, 2018

Hyper-Salty Lakes Found Beneath The Canadian Arctic Could Shed Light On Extraterrestrial Life

Scientists discovered a subglacial lake underneath the Canadian ice continent that is four to five times saltier than seawater. It was reported that the surface resembles Jupiter’s Europa moon and may one day help understand extraterrestrial life conditions.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2018

Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Thriving In The Clouds Of Planet Venus

Could the clouds of Venus actually host extraterrestrial life? Researchers of a new study said that the dark patches in the clouds of the planet could be comparable to algae blooms.

Space March 31, 2018

Still No Proof Of Life On Mars: Crystals Found By Rover Are Not Trace Fossils

The million-dollar question "Is there extraterrestrial life on Mars?" is being asked again. NASA insists that the crystal features spotted by Curiosity Rover on Martian surface are not traces of alien life -- just rock crystals formed by water.

Space March 7, 2018

Humanity Is Pretty Chill About Alien Life, Likely To React Positively To Discovery Than Panic: Study

Researchers found that humans are likely to react positively toward the discovery of alien life instead of panicking and causing mass hysteria. Perhaps humans take comfort in the knowledge of not being alone in the universe.

Space February 17, 2018

First Alien Sighting of 2018? Vertical UFO Spotted In Mexico

Did we just have the first alien sighting of 2018? An oddly-shaped object hovering in the sky was captured on video and UFO enthusiasts are abuzz.

Space January 14, 2018

Dust Cloud, Not ET, Likely Behind Mysterious Dimming Of Alien Megastructure Star

An alien megastructure could not be the reason behind the mysterious dimming of Tabby's Star. Here's the evidence astronomers found that suggests the star's strange behavior could be explained by dust cloud.

Space October 8, 2017

Are We Alone On Earth? Bigelow Aerospace Founder Convinced Of 'ET Presence' On The Planet

Bigelow Aerospace’s founder Robert Bigelow shared in an interview that alien life exists on the Earth itself. He also revealed that commercial space agencies would pave the path for human settlement in space.

Space June 1, 2017

Fast Radio Bursts Linked To Advanced Extraterrestrial Technology: Other Space Phenomena Suggesting Aliens Are Real

Harvard researchers suggest that interstellar spacecraft in faraway galaxies could be behind fast radio bursts. Here are other phenomena in space that some scientists think have alien origins.

Space March 13, 2017

Earth's Oldest Water Untouched For 2 Billion Years Holds Clue To Finding Alien Life On Mars

The world's oldest known water is discovered in Canada. At 2 billion years old, the ancient liquid hints of the possibility of alien life thriving underground on planet Mars.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Alien Hunters Spot Strange Fossilized Beast Resembling A Grizzly Bear On Mars: Here's What UFO Hunters And Skeptics Think

Alien hunters observed a new object in the form of a grizzly bear on a NASA image of Mars. They theorized that the footage is proof of finally finding life on the red planet.

Space November 5, 2016

Strange Lights Over Phoenix: Aliens In Mysterious UFOs Visit Arizona?

Residents in Arizona went on Twitter to report a strange object seen flying over the Phoenix area on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Some witnesses claim that the UFO appeared like orange lights streaking across the night sky above East Valley.

Space October 27, 2016

UFO Sighting: Mysterious Object Spotted In NASA Mars Photo - Alien Life Discovered On Mars? Not Yet

A NASA Mars photo taken by the Curiosity rover features an object that looks like a flying saucer. UFO enthusiasts think this could indicate the presence of alien life on the Red Planet.

Space September 27, 2016

NASA Astronaut Talks Alien Life In Space: No Alien Life Discovered But Exoplanet Proxima B May Hold Clues

If anyone’s going to be talking about life in space, it has got to be an astronaut. And according to one of NASA’s own, there is life all over the universe.

Space September 12, 2016

SETI Investigating Extraterrestrial Signal From A Faraway Star: Is It Proof Of Aliens Or Not?

An international team of scientists from the SETI Institute revealed that it received mysterious signal spikes last year. Has it been confirmed that the signal came from an alien civilization's attempt to communicate with Earth?

Space August 31, 2016

Decades Of Hunting For LIfe On Titan Gets New Boost

Alien life may be more likely than once believed on the surface of Titan, researchers discover. What other evidence do we have for extraterrestrial life on the surface of the largest moon of Saturn?

Space July 12, 2016

World UFO Day: People Celebrate UFO Sightings But Do Alien Life Forms Really Exist?

Some of NASA's directives have given rise to conspiracies, and so has the censoring of certain areas on Google Maps. But at the end of the day, we all want to meet aliens.

Life & Style July 3, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Aliens May Be Living Next Door

Will it take 1,500 years to find alien life, or will humans be joined soon by other civilization? There is a growing body of evidence aliens may be closer than we think.

Space June 19, 2016

Where Might Alien Life Be Hiding - Europa or Titan?

Europa and Titan are the two likeliest places in our solar system to hold alien life. What are the conditions like on these giant moons, and what is the chance for life on each world?

Space May 18, 2016

Could Argyre Basin On Mars Hold Secrets To Finding Ancient Martian Life?

The best place to find life on Mars, past or present, could be the Argyre Basin. What makes this area so special in the search for Martian life?

Space April 2, 2016

Study Reveals New Trick For Hunting Alien Life

Astronomers suggest a new trick to finally hunt down alien life. Such technique may limit the period of alien quest to less than the span of human life.

Space March 2, 2016

Evolutionary Biologist Reveals How Extraterrestrials Possibly Reproduce

How do aliens reproduce? An evolutionary biologist believes that aliens may have several categories instead of genders and may actually be capable of self-reproduction.

Space October 29, 2015

Gautama Buddha Statue On Planet Mars? Experts Say It Is Likely A Case Of Pareidolia

Another Mars conspiracy theory has been debunked. The Gautama Buddha statue seen in a photo taken on Mars is simply caused by the brain seeing familiar patterns or faces in random objects.

Space October 21, 2015

This Week In Space: The Truth (aka Alien Life) Is (Possibly) Out There, But No One Wants To Give NASA Money

This week in space, we might have our first signs of extraterrestrial life, but we'll never be able to reach them in person if Congress doesn't give NASA funding for its Mars exploration. On the bright side, Scott Kelly takes excellent photos from the ISS.

Space October 16, 2015

Aliens Saved Earth From Nuclear Holocaust, Claims Apollo 14 Astronaut: True Or False?

A former Apollo astronaut claims that aliens are visiting the Earth and witnessed the first test of an atomic weapon. Who is Edgar Mitchell, and what is his history from his time on the lunar surface to today?

August 17, 2015

ESA Sent Kombucha Into Space To Learn About Potential For Extraterrestrial Life

Kombucha is all the rage among health nuts and hipsters these days, and apparently scientists have taken interest in the ancient brew, too. ESA has sent samples of the microorganisms that turn tea into Kombucha to space in order to learn more about what forms of life can survive beyond our planet.

Space July 30, 2015

NASA Finds Earth-Like Kepler-452b: Discovery May Help Prove We're Not Alone

The search for alien life may have taken a major step forward following the discovery of an alien world much like Earth. How close are we to finding extraterrestrials?

Space July 27, 2015

Area 51? Yes. Aliens At Area 51? No, But Somewhere Else: NASA Administrator

NASA Administrator Major Charles Bolden said that alien life exists, but he said that these extraterrestrial beings are not in Area 51.

Space June 23, 2015

Glass Detected On Mars Could Hold Signs Of Ancient Life Within It

Molten glass created in impacts on Mars could have captured and preserved signs of ancient life on the Red Planet as it cooled, researchers suggest. A NASA spacecraft has confirmed the presence of large amounts of glass in Martian impact craters.

Space June 9, 2015

Earth-Sized Exoplanets Circle Their Stars In Earth-Like Orbits, Astronomers Discover

A finding that Earth-sized exoplanets generally have orbits around their star similar to ours around our sun improves the chances some of them may be hospitable to extraterrestrial life, researchers say. Circular orbits, which make for steady conditions on a planet, are the norm rather than the exception, they say.

Space June 1, 2015

Recent Exoplanet Discoveries Boosted NASA's Interest In Extraterrestrial Life

NASA’s turning to exoplanets to further its search for life out there, but it’s not working alone, collaborating with experts from various fields and institutions.

Space April 28, 2015

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