Those gamers still grumbling for Destiny's failure to reach the PC would be probably delighted to hear that recent rumors indicate how its sequel Destiny 2 will finally find its way into the platform.

According to a source privy to the affair, an internal communication confirming the PC version of the first person shooter is now circulating within Activision, the game's publisher. It was purportedly in the form of a presentation. This information has been posted in the NeoGAF forum, which has since been updated to include that Destiny 2 will probably come as an entirely new game.

"I expect D2 to feel more like a new game than a continuation of D1," the update posted by a user called jschreier stated. "What I heard is that the reason it was rebooted earlier this year (and is now helmed by GAF poster Luke Smith) is because the original version felt too much like an expansion."

Of course, one can say that one source is a hardly credible one. That may be true but what if there are other sources that corroborate the story?

Enter Kotaku. The website, acting on the information that emerged from NeoGAF, reported that it had obtained the same information not from one but from several sources. The "new game" narrative also got a boost as Kotaku cited that it will be undertaken even at the expense of old characters, locations and activities.

This move is purportedly influenced by Diablo, which did not carry over characters when Diablo 2 was launched. While this could prove bad news for players who have invested so much time and effort into the original game, some form of boon is said to be in the works as well.

The past speculation is that Destiny never made it to the PC because of memory restriction concerns. This issue is already less of a problem today in PCs so it makes sense that the folks at Bungie have finally decided to release a PC version and reboot the game entirely. It is also worth noting that Bungie has a contract with Activision that cites a PC version release for Destiny 2.

So far, Bungie is directing the bulk of its resources in the development of Destiny 2. More than 750 of its personnel are reportedly working on the project while Activision is also reportedly helping so that the target 2017 release will be met.

Aside from PC, Destiny 2 will also likely head to Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox 720 and PS4. No specific date has been confirmed for the game's release. But a new expansion called Rise of Iron is already out.

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