Warning! This article contains spoilers from Scream Queens, season 2, episode 2. Read at your risk, or bookmark for later!

Fans of Scream Queens already know that just like in American Horror Story, showrunner Ryan Murphy will have us guessing all season long. And in this parody series, it's all about who is the killer?

But unlike season one, viewers won't have to keep guessing as much about who this serial killer's next victim is. It's pretty clear after episode two titled "Warts and All" that the green-masked swamp thing is targeting patients at Dr. Munsch's C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital.

Although Munsch was so close to finding his or her identity, we all know that it is way too early for this. And while Murphy is notorious for leaving clues in his episodes in his series, if last season showed us anything it's that he makes it so that almost every character is suspicious in Scream Queens.

However, there is one particular character that has many fans theorizing could be the killer: nurse and head of administration at C.U.R.E Institute Hospital, Ingrid Marie Hoffel (played by Kirstie Alley).

Here's what we know: this season is exploring a "monster" theme, with the killer coming from an incident in the hospital in the '80s during a Halloween party. It was at this party that a doctor and a nurse decided to ditch the body of a man needing emergency surgery in the swamp behind the hospital grounds to get back into the action. The man left behind a pregnant wife.

(Regarding the monster theme, notice how the killer is like the Swamp Thing, Dr. Cascade could be a vampire, the first patient was like a werewolf, Hester was all Hannibal Lecter, etc.?!)

Back in the present day, we now have a Red Devil copycat on our hands, this time dressed all in green with horns on his/her mask and is known as the Green Meanie. Chances are the Green Meanie is the baby of the patient that was killed.

Besides targeting patients, we know that the Green Meanie leaves behind green swamp footprints and let Chanel #5 live, which have some theorizing that he/she has a crush on her after following the Netflix documentary on the girls. Green Meanie has also been corresponding with Hester (Lea Michele) just like the Red Dragon did with Hannibal (we love what you did there, Murphy).


Now there are three theories as to who Kirstie Alley's character could be: the nurse who helped kill Green Meanie's dad, the widowed mother of the baby, or Green Meanie.

She is not the nurse from the Halloween party because we know her name was Nurse Thomas (although she could have remarried or changed her name), and was later killed by Green Meanie at another of Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering's Halloween parties.

We do see that Nurse Hoffel was snooping on Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Chamberlain (James Earl), creepily brushing her fingernails along the glass window as she walked away. This could be a clue that she is the killer.

The next scene Green Meanie is attacking Munsch. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not.


While making her the killer would be a bit obvious when it comes to this scene, this could also be a clue that Hoffel is the formerly pregnant widow from 1985 and is working with her child (the killer) to get payback and punish doctors by offing their patients.

It makes sense that mama is talking in her child's ear about who to target since Hoffel has tabs on the entire hospital and what goes on there.

While each of these theories this could be too easy of a connection, the killer could be right in front of our eyes the entire season. And chances are with a big actress on board, Murphy will make Alley's role a significant one.

But if Hoffel really is the mother, then many fans are already suspecting that Taylor Lautner's Dr. Cascade is her son/the killer.

We will have to keep watching to find more clues when Scream Queens airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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