The Twitter takeover is currently a popular topic among tech experts since companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Verizon and even Disney have recently shown their interest toward the social media entity. Google is also believed to place its own bid now that Twitter seems to be a perfect nest for its YouTube platform.

 A lot of tech experts agree that out of the companies vying to acquire Twitter, Google proves to be the one who is in great need for it and combining the existing resources that both platforms have will lead to a very remarkable result.

A Tech Crunch report noted that Google's YouTube platform is quite popular, comes with a very updated set of content and very ad-friendly but doesn't have a short form. Twitter, on the other hand, comes in short form, conveniently generates a lot of update content but having a hard time achieving a remarkable growth as well as struggling with monetization.

Given such, the result of the Twitter takeover will most likely be more remarkable if Google will be acquiring Twitter with the social media platform possibly boosting YouTube's potential to a whole new level.

But aside from Google, Salesforce is also regarded as an avid suitor of Twitter. In fact, it was reported in CNBC that Salesforce is one of the companies rumored to offer Twitter a formal bid. The truthfulness of these rumors was further established after Vala Afshar, who is the current chief digital evangelist for Salesforce, voiced out his own personal views of the Twitter takeover.

It can be remembered that Afshar once tweeted a question, "Why @twitter?", along with the answers "personal training network, the best realtime, context rich news, democratize intelligence and great place to promote others."

With this tweet, it can be said that Salesforce, just like Google, is quite interested in the tons of data that Twitter is generating.

Apart from the two large companies, it was also reported that Disney is having some talks regarding its intention to acquire Twitter. The same report discussed that this move can greatly benefit Disney since the company is in great need of a social media platform that it can use to boost its reach especially for some of its properties like ABC and ESPN.

Given all of the said intentions from these top companies, Twitter seems to have been benefiting from the trend although no formal bids have been sent out. The price of Twitter's entire shares has recently increased from about $13 billion last Thursday to more than $20 billion this week.

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