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Marc Benioff: 10 Facts About The CEO Of SalesForce

Marc Benioff is the CEO of cloud computing company SalesForce and is also one of the top philanthropists in the world. Here are 10 facts about the tech entrepreneur's extraordinary career and life.

People April 28, 2018

IBM And Salesforce Form Partnership On A.I.

On Monday, International Business Machines corp. (IBM) and Salesforce agreed to integrate their artificial intelligence platforms - the Watson AI platform and the Einstein AI platform - to provide better offerings to customers.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

Twitter CTO Adam Messinger To Depart From Company, Following Former COO Adam Bain's Exit

Twitter's Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger recently joined the executive exodus at the popular micro-blogging platform. Observers are now raising questions about the stability of the increasingly decimated Twitter executive team.

Internet December 21, 2016

EU Could Approve Microsoft's Acquisition Of LinkedIn For $26 Billion

To get the European Union to approve the LinkedIn acquisition, Microsoft has presented the EU commission its LinkedIn concessions including allowing third-party developers access to the app. The decision for this $26 billion deal will be announced by Dec. 6.

Microsoft November 27, 2016

Twitter COO Adam Bain Leaves The Company, CFO Anthony Noto Takes The Reins

The departure of Twitter's COO Adam Bain came amid the microblogging platform's struggle to generate revenue and the dearth of interested buyers. Bain has been credited for building the company's multi-billion advertising business.

Business Tech November 9, 2016

Analysis: What's Next For Twitter After Salesforce Backed Out As Buyer?

After Twitter's biggest potential buyer Salesforce lost interest in acquiring the microblogging site, Twitter can now look into other options for growth or partnership. What's next for Jack Dorsey's company?

Business Tech October 15, 2016

Salesforce CEO Says Twitter Is Not 'The Right Fit,' No Deal: Twitter Shares Tumble

Twitter is bleeding suitors, as Salwsforce is officially out of the race. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff confirmed that his company is not interested in acquiring Twitter, arguing that it's not 'the right fit.'

Business Tech October 14, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Arrive On Nov. 1: Intelligent Business Apps On The Way

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 banks on artificial intelligence to deliver efficient and agile CRM and ERP tools. The technology has been incubated in-house for several years, underscoring a seamless and working bundle of products.

Microsoft October 13, 2016

Twitter Stock Falls As Potential Buyers Lose Interest In Acquisition: What's Next For The Social Media Platform?

The price of Twitter's shares have plunged after reports that potential buyers have decided to not make a bid for the social media platform. What will come next for Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey?

Business Tech October 11, 2016

Who's Buying Twitter? Not Google, Apple Or Disney

Reports suggest that Google, Apple and Disney are not interested in acquiring Twitter. The microblogging website is expected to finalize negotiations with a potential buyer by October's end.

Business Tech October 7, 2016

Twitter Sale: Social Media Platform To Conclude Negotiations Before October Ends

Negotiations are reportedly under way to sell Twitter. Suitors, which include, Microsoft and Alphabet Inc., were told that an agreement is intended to be concluded by Oct. 27.

Business Tech October 5, 2016

Twitter Takeover: Google Might Find The Perfect Nest For Twitter Right On The YouTube Platform

The possibility of Twitter takeover has once again surfaced because of the site's monetizing struggles. The said trend encouraged Disney, Salesforce and Google to bid for the acquisition of the social media platform to further boost their business interests.

Business Tech October 1, 2016

Salesforce Opposes Deal Between Microsoft And LinkedIn, Works With Regulators To Block It

Salesforce is opposing the LinkedIn-Microsoft deal as European Union regulators are currently scrutinizing it. The company, along with other third-party companies and competitors, were invited to comment on the takeover.

Business Tech September 30, 2016

Disney Interested In Acquiring Twitter, Working With Bankers About Potential Takeover Bid

Walt Disney Co. is reportedly in talks to join Salesforce, Google and a list of companies interested in offering a bid to acquire Twitter. The platform has continuously struggled to sustain its momentum.

Business Tech September 27, 2016

Twitter Takeover Could Be Worth As Much As $16 Billion: Sell Now Or Become Another Yahoo, Analysts Say

Twitter is considering selling and big names such as Google and Salesforce are purportedly interested in the social media platform. Insiders from Twitter said that the company expects $30 million from the deal, but it might need a reality check.

Apps/Software September 26, 2016

Salesforce, Microsoft, Google And Verizon: Top Companies Interested In Acquiring Twitter

Microsoft, Google, Verizon and Salesforce are currently rumored to be courting Twitter for a possible acquisition deal. Twitter stocks went up by some 20 percent after rumors of a buyout surfaced.

Business Tech September 23, 2016

Salesforce To Beef Up CRM With Einstein AI Platform

Salesforce has successfully embedded an AI technology called Einstein in its software. Salesforce Einstein uses deep learning to analyze data, spot trends and alert salespeople on which leads are promising or which customers will buy.

Apps/Software September 19, 2016

Salesforce Taps Amazon Web Services As Public Cloud Provider In $400M Deal

Cloud computing company Salesforce recently announced that it will base a lot of its future operations on Amazon Web Services. The partnership between the big tech players is said to reach $400 million and has lasting effects.

Business Tech May 26, 2016

Salesforce Acquires Deep Learning Startup MetaMind

Salesforce has joined hands with the artificial intelligence startup, MetaMind. With this wise move, Salesforce has managed to integrate deep learning with its data science capabilities, beating other leading companies in their pursuit of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Business April 6, 2016

Old Rivals Microsoft And Salesforce Beef Up Partnership With Deeper Product Integration

Microsoft and Salesforce have announced the extension of their integration partnership agreement. Salesforce and Skype, OneNote, Office Graph and Office Delve will be integrated with Salesforce Lightning Experience and will be available in 2016.

Business September 19, 2015

Microsoft Reportedly Evaluating Possible Bid

Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is evaluating a possible bid to acquire, which currently has a market value nearing $50 billion.

Business May 6, 2015

Salesforce Acquires Mobile Authentication Firm Toopher

The cloud platform makes another acquisition to boost its mobile security arsenal.

Deals April 2, 2015

Salesforce warns users: You may be target of Dyre malware, so beware

Salesforce says users may be targeted by the Dyre malware that has been going after users on banking websites such as Bank of America and Citibank, among others. Despite this, the company says it has no evidence of any users being attacked.

Business Tech September 10, 2014

Salesforce Wear platform builds momentum, extends support for Oculus Rift, Jawbone, other wearables

Even the big guys need help. Salesforce Wear provides support to an additional list of wearables, extending use of the technology to enterprises everywhere.

Wearable Tech September 5, 2014 adds reports, dashboard to mobile app for instant access to analytics

Salesforce recently updated the Salesforce1 Mobile app to include new functionalities. Business data reports, dashboards, CRM can now be easily accessed and customized by the user.

Apps/Software July 4, 2014

Rivals no more. Microsoft, announce partnership

The partnership between the longtime rivals will provide additional value to the users of products from both companies.

Apps/Software June 1, 2014 boosts Salesforce1 mobile app with 30 new features

Salesforce releases Salesforce1, its own 30-feature mobile app that allows businesses to sell, market and provide customer service right from their mobile devices. Run your business from your phone?

Business May 23, 2014

Share with us: Haiti PM tells Silicon Valley's tech giants

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe of Haiti visited Silicon Valley on a mission to find technologies and innovations that can help his country.

Society November 22, 2013

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