A beta feature of the Lose It app dubbed as "Snap It" was recently released as part of the company's calorie tracking and weight loss app to allow users to take photos of the food that they are eating during meals or snacks, automatically log these and obtain the estimated calorie counts.

Based on reports, the Lose It app is basically designed to help its users track the food that they are eating. But instead of using the previous time-consuming and tedious methods, Snap It is doing the tracking by itself.

All the users should do is take pictures of the food that they are eating and the app will figure out what are these using the combination of the machine learning system and food database owned by Lose It.

But since the Snap It app is currently available in beta version, users are reminded that this is not yet perfect and the app's tendency to provide unrealistic results is still high. Also, the Lose It app is still not fully automated.

When asked to comment about Snap It, Lose It CEO Charles Teague described the beta version of the app as more like that of Tesla's current driver assistive technology, which is expected to bring the fully self-driving Tesla vehicles in the future.

But despite of the anticipated inaccuracies, a lot of Snap It users are impressed with the app. Many of them claimed that the app was so far able to identify a lot of food using the images obtained from pictures taken.

To use the app, the user is required to take a photo of the food, have this analyzed and then Snap It will provide a list of suggestions based on the analysis made. As soon as a particular option is selected, the app will go to a window where the user can add more details about the food in the photo.

Based on the experiences shared by users, it was known that the app also made correct guesses of multiple food on a plate. It also has a feature where the user can manually enter the name of the food through the Add Food button located at the bottom of the photo.

Furthermore it includes a feature that allows it to add food through bar code scanning along with a location services that enables users to determine the presence of a restaurant nearby. Upon making an entry in the app, it will automatically provide information about the available food on that restaurant. 

As of the present, the app is now available in beta version. It can be downloaded for free on most Android and iOS devices. Although there are reports that it provided inaccurate responses, a lot of users were satisfied and convinced that the app has been working the way it was advertised.

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