Google has something new in store for all iOS users and enthusiasts. The company is introducing essential components that are necessary to safeguard an individual's privacy when browsing the internet superhighway.

Search engines are necessary to connect people to a huge cache of information on the web. However, the process also exposes individuals to certain risks. For instance, a browsing history left open is a step closer to being hacked and attacked by cyber criminals. As a preventive measure, Google will upgrade its app to secure Apple's operating system.

Incognito Mode

First, the incognito mode allows users to search the web without necessarily leaving a trace or a mark about their online activities. This means that lists associated with downloads, cookies, accounts and passwords will no longer be seen. While the browsing feature is regularly utilized on browsers, it hasn't been fully applied on search applications. A special part of this approach is the enabling of the Touch ID which only leaves fingerprints along the way.

Accessing the incognito mode can be done through two ways. It can be turned on by going to the settings and locking on the option. Hard pressing with 3D Touch on the app's icon is the other way to do it. The moment incognito will be activated, a darker theme is applied. Google Now cards will be replaced by search incognito. Configuration for the Touch ID can be checked under incognito settings.

Despite keeping a user's browsing history safe, there is a point that must be clarified here. The Google app will not totally hide those searches. What it actually does is to break any connection of sites being opened to a user account.

Chrome has summed this up in the past when it stated that "going incognito does not hide the browsing data from an employer, from an internet service provider or from the websites." It simply keeps all those information out of sight.

YouTube Support

Second, the integration of the YouTube video playback in the app eliminates the steps necessary to open the domain in another application. It means that a shortcut option allows users immediate access.

Google best exemplifies this feature when it wrote "skip the extra step before you break into dance to your favorite music video" on its domain.

Good points of the Google app are not merely limited to safety measures and YouTube videos. Enhanced performance has been observed. Compatibility with the iOS 10 is improved, which means that the crash rate is down by 50 percent.

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