Back when the initial vision of Destiny was revealed, Bungie boldly talked about a "10-year plan" for its sci-fi shooter, one that would see the game's universe grow and expand over time. That plan included players keeping their original character and progress, even as Destiny received new expansions and even sequels.

New rumors revolving around Destiny 2, however, seem to indicate that carrying player progress forward might not be the priority it once was for Bungie.

In a recent report from Kotaku about Destiny 2, reporter Jason Schreier writes that sources familiar with Destiny's 2 development have indicated that Bungie wants to make the sequel a "brand-new game," even if that means tossing out old planets, characters and activities. He goes on to write that while it's not 100 percent clear what will be changing in Destiny 2, it sounds as if Bungie is "starting from scratch."

"Starting from scratch" isn't something some of Destiny's most dedicated fans wanted to hear. For those who have played thousands of hours of Destiny, completely starting over in Destiny 2 is enough to have them swear off the franchise. More than a few players in the Destiny community are concerned, with numerous threads on the Destiny subreddit dedicated to the subject of player progress possibly not transferring to Bungie's sequel.

For some, it would be OK if certain elements of their character's progress didn't carry over. It would make sense that perhaps some weapons and other items might not make the jump, some players write. Many players have voiced that they simply want their characters to transfer and don't care about the rest, while others who have spent money on in-game silver to unlock premium dances and emotes are saying they only did so with the understanding that their investment would move forward with them over the next decade.

For many, the idea that Bungie would go back on its word after making so clear a promise is enough for them to steer clear of Destiny, should the game's sequel not carry player progress forward.

"If they take away my character, my grimoire, or my Voidwalker subclass, I will quit," writes one Destiny player on Reddit. "It's not a threat, just a statement of fact. After playing for over 2,000 hours, I can say that with personal certainty. But quitting may not be a bad thing. For obvious reasons."

Bungie, as usual, has been silent on the rumors and the controversy. No official details are known about Destiny 2, only that it is in development and it's set to release sometime next year.

"That is pretty damning if they do go back on it," one Reddit user writes, citing Bungie's earlier statements on the 10-year plan. "I hope these rumors are false, or if they see the outcry from the community they will change their stance. I want to hear them address it, but I'm not going to hold my breath."

It's important to point out that Bungie didn't stop talking about Destiny's 10-year plan when the game released back in 2014. Last year, with the release of The Taken King expansion, Bungie community manager Deej specifically told GameSpot that they take the game's 10-year plan promise seriously and that the characters players created "will always be there."

Until concrete details about Destiny 2 emerge, it seems more than a few fans will continue to worry about the future of their Guardians, and whether or not those hundreds or thousands of hours spent in Bungie's universe were all for nothing.

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