iOS 10 Tips And Tricks: How To Make Most Of Your iPhone 7 Or Older iPhones Running iOS 10


Discovering what lies hidden in the new iPhone 7 or an older device running iOS 10 can be fun if you have a list of top features.

Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus along with its smaller sibling on Sept. 7 and followed up with the release of iOS 10. Older devices like last year's iPhone 6s lineup have also received iOS 10 since then. Among the features discovered on iOS 10 is a magnifying glass that can be enabled and then used to read small print. A list of 10 other simple tricks for iOS 10 is outlined below:

Access The Camera From The Lock Screen

Smartphone cameras are increasingly complex but the process to use one has been simplified on iOS 10. Swiping to the right when you see the lock screen will bring up the camera app, which can then be used to capture fleeting moments that would otherwise be missed.

Get Siri To Locate Photos

Getting Siri to locate photos is an easy way to get quick access to old photos. Users just have to open Siri and say, "Show me photos from July 8," which will pull up shots taken on the day.

Open Two Webpages Side By Side

iOS 10 has also arrived on tablets so users can view two webpages in split view. All they have to do is press and hold a link when using Safari and they will be presented with the "Open in Split" option.

Quick Access To Camera With 3D Touch

With both the iPhone 6s lineup and the iPhone 7 lineup coming with 3D Touch, Apple has used the technology to provide quick access to camera modes. Users just have to press the Camera app icon on the home screen, which will result in a quick action menu with selfie, slow motion and video options being displayed.

Find Parked Cars

The Apple Maps app on iOS 10 has also been improved as it can now be used to locate a parked car. This feature works as the iPhone senses when a user is driving a car, and once they stop and park it, the location is marked on Apple Maps and displayed in a notification.

Receive Small Size Photos In Messages

Users on a limited data plan or who want to save money can choose to get smaller images in iMessage. They can set this up by navigating to Settings, Messages, then choosing the "Low Quality Image Mode." ZDNet says this option is also useful in case of a "poor signal" quality in an area.

Search For Photos Using Facial Recognition

The Photos app on iOS 10 now comes with facial recognition and upon navigating to Albums then People, users can check those who are identified and more. Siri can also be used to search for photos of a particular person who was photographed in the past.

Replace Text With Emojis

Using the iMessage app people can change words with emojis. All they have to do is tap the button for emoji within a Message. Once this is done, all the words that can be replaced will be highlighted in orange and they can then be replaced.

Get A Reminder To Go To Bed

The Clock app can now be used to set a time to head to bed. Once this is enabled by navigating to Clock app then to Bedtime, users will hear an alarm.

Add Stickers To Messages

Within the iMessage app users can now download sticker packs for games like Super Mario Run or Fallout Shelter and use them when they're sending a text.

As users delve into the new features available in iOS 10, more hidden gems are likely to be uncovered in the coming days as the iPhone 7 starts arriving in the hands of users. It remains to be seen, however, if the iPhone 7 lineup will end up being plagued by more instances of explosion in transit.

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