Amazon Game Studios has recently unveiled a free-to-play multiplayer "mythological brawler" game called Breakaway, which integrates directly with Twitch to several interactive features including a wager system.

The game reveal and new features announcement came Thursday, Sept. 29, during Amazon Game Studios' hosted event at this year's TwitchCon, which was held in San Diego, California. Many comment that the new integrations show Amazon's commitment to expanding its presence within the eSports scene.

Note that Amazon acquired streaming platform Twitch back in 2014 for $1 billion. With the Twitch acquisition, Amazon also roped Evil Geniuses (EG), one of the oldest professional gaming organizations in North America.

"We wanted to create more ways for viewers, broadcasters and players to interact with each other on Twitch, so various teams within Amazon Game Studios are building new features that enhance the experience between players, broadcasters and viewers," says Adam Wong, managing editor for Double Helix, a game development company that was acquired by Amazon and played a key part in developing Breakaway under Amazon Game Studios.

There are currently four new features — Stream+, Metastream, Broadcaster Spotlight and Broadcaster Match Builder.


Perhaps this is the most intriguing out of the four features. According to Amazon, Stream+ is an interactive console that allows stream viewers to gain loyalty points. Viewers can then use the loyalty points to take part in polls or wager them on live matches. A leaderboard exists specifically set up for the viewer loyalty points.

To earn Stream+ loyalty points, viewers can visit the Stream+ Breakaway channel where they will be awarded an initial balance. Additional points will be given for those who stay within the channel for an extended period of time. Needless to say, the number of points awarded will be directly proportional to the length of stay.

Additional loyalty points will also be given out to those who participate in the polls, as well as those who place bets on the outcome of the game's matches. The top 5,000 on the leaderboard when TwitchCon ends will get priority access in Breakaway's alpha testing phase.


Metastream provides Breakaway real-time stats. With the real-time stats database open, broadcasters can design custom stat graphics and personalized pages (HTML5) on which the stats will be displayed. Overlays such as Kill/Death/Assist (KDA) ratios, damage dealt, healing, a minimap and more will also be available for broadcasters.

Broadcaster Spotlight

With Broadcaster Spotlight, players will know if someone is broadcasting their match within Breakaway. Players will also get information on viewer stats. Higher viewer count may encourage players to improve their performance.

Broadcaster Match Builder

As the name suggests, broadcasters will be able to invite viewers, followers and subscribers and have them fill the multiplayer spots for Breakaway matches. Broadcasters will be able to stream the matches.

In 2015, Twitch reported an average of 1.7 million broadcasters streaming monthly that logged a total of 241,441,823,059 streamed minutes (459,366 years).

"All these features are just part of the story, though. The team made hundreds of design decisions in an effort to make Breakaway as fun to watch as to play," says Patrick Gilmore, studio head of Double Helix.

Below is a Breakaway gameplay video.

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