A man in France who had beef with an Apple Store over a "repayment issue" caused massive damages to the company by single-handedly destroying iMacs, MacBooks and iPhones.

We've all been there: you walk into an Apple Store, see the myriad of arrogant teens and clueless seniors and you remember that customer support did not agree with you on some matter. What one would do is take a few deep breaths and focus on the bright side of life, or if you are this particular customer in France, grab a heavy object and smash electronic equipment.

To ensure that the damage is permanent, the suspect used a "boule," which is a heavy metallic ball used in the traditional French game pétanque. The game resembles bocce or bowls, where players make use of heavy balls to score points.

French media reported on the event so several videos of the man's rampage in the Apple Store in Dijon reached the screens. The footage shows the man smashing iPhones and Macs, with damages estimated at tens of thousands of dollars.

He took out display products from their stands, arranged them flat on the table and proceeded to pound them with the heavy steel ball that he was carrying.

The majority of the destroyed electronics were iPhones, but it seems that he also damaged multiple iMacs and at least one MacBook. We have to thank @quentin_IOS, who was kind enough to tweet the videos of the incident.

Business Insider counted the man as bashing 12 iPhones, four iMacs and a MacBook Air. That's about $15,000 worth of damage, at least when taking into account the visible damage.

Once he was apprehended, the man went into a fit about his consumer rights. Insiders familiar with the matter said that he claims Apple backed off from the EU requirement that grants a two-year warranty after a product's purchase.

During the incident, a siren can be heard in the background, signaling that the employees of the Apple Store triggered the fire alarm so that other customers would leave the shop in order to avoid getting injured. Luckily, the man had beef only with the OEM and no bystanders were hurt.

The mall's security staff accosted the man and detained him until the police arrived. The man also made a failed attempt to run away, but he was swiftly caught.

If you're an Apple fan and want to test your resolve, check out the video below. Or you could watch this drop test where an iPhone 7 is thrown out of a helicopter. Your call.

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