Honda Unveils New Civic Type R At Paris Motor Show: Yes, It Will Be Coming To The US


At the Paris Motor Show, Honda unveiled the newest Type R, the performance concept version of the Civic.

Sales figures for small cars have not been doing so well lately, but Honda has found success with the 2016 Civic. According to reviews on the sedan, its design appeals to people across all ages, with its interiors also proving to be impressive.

In addition, the 2016 Honda Civic reviews was also said to offer a good driving experience, while placing a huge importance on the safety and comfort of its driver and passengers.

With the hit that is the 2016 Civic, Honda is looking to build upon that success with the Civic Type R. The vehicle, which will be making its official debut at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas next month, will be the first Type R vehicle of Honda that will be coming to the United States.

"For the first time ever in America, Honda fans and enthusiasts will have access to the ultimate in Civic performance in the form of the new Type R," said Honda USA senior VP and general manager Jeff Conrad in a press release.

The Civic Type R will be coming to showrooms across the United States next year. This is made possible by the fact that the 2016 Civic was built on a global platform, with the Type R version to be manufactured at Honda's Swindon plant in the United Kingdom. No exact date for the United States, however, has been released by the company for the vehicle, which is expected to start deliveries in the second half of 2017 in Europe.

Honda also has not released any official details about the upcoming Civic Type R, but it is believed that the vehicle will be packing a turbocharged 2.0-liter VTEC engine under its hood that can generate up to 350 horsepower.

All that is certain about the vehicle is that it will have an aggressive styling, with darkened lenses on the LED headlights, a menacing grille and a unique spoiler. There are sharp angles across the vehicle's body, featuring shades of the American muscle cars of the 1970s but with a modern take.

The price of the new Civic Type R in the United States has not yet been revealed, along with its powertrain options. These information will hopefully be revealed by Honda in Las Vegas in November, as car enthusiasts in the United States look forward to being able to purchase a Type R for the first time.

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