Lexus UX Sports Goodyear 'Urban CrossOver' Concept Tires


When Lexus sought out Goodyear to manufacture tires for its latest car models, the former emphasized two things: apply high-tech machinery and explore new boundaries of tire designs.

It looks like Goodyear did not disappoint as it presented its latest concept tire, the Urban CrossOver, at this year's Paris Motor Show. The new tire design is customized for the upcoming Lexus UX concept car.

"Goodyear committed to the inside-out philosophy adopted by Lexus for this model, which makes the internal elements blend with the external ones and vice versa," the company says in a press release about its goal to replicate the Lexus UX's unique design.

In line with this principle, the tire's spokes flow slickly into its sidewall to create an exceptional feature that reflects the car's unswerving outline. The tire's concept was created using the company's ultra high-tech laser carving system.

One of the modern features of the Lexus UX SUV is the inclusion of Goodyear's Sound Comfort Technology. This tech makes use of an open-cell polyurethane foam element that is attached to the tire's inner surface. This state-of-the-art tech keeps the car extremely quiet by diminishing the max resonance noise created when the tire rolls over any surface.

For the first time, Goodyear managed to merge its chip-in-tire system, revealed back in 2014, with its Sound Comfort technology. The overall system allows the chip to send information about tire pressure, status, temperature and other details to the car's built-in computer, enabling the car to automatically refine its lateral and longitudinal power algorithms.

Additionally, the latest Urban Crossover concept tire features Goodyear's RunOnFlat Technology. This wonderful tech is most useful during complete loss of air pressure as it incorporates rock-hard sidewalls to carry the Lexus UX for as far as 80 kilometers (50 miles) when punctured.

"We are proud to present this innovative concept tire for the Lexus UX concept, which confirms once again Goodyear’s experience in providing OEMs with tailor-made solutions," says David Anckaert, the general director of original equipment product development at Goodyear's Europe, Middle East and Africa division.

With these features on board the Lexus UX SUV cars, the luxury car will no doubt come with a hefty price tag. There's still no specific info regarding the car's release date at the time of this writing.

Tech Times previously reported that Goodyear's 20-inch Eagle F1 Supercar tires with ultra dry traction and high performance will be completing the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The car is set to make its debut later this year.

Check out the Lexus UX Concept fitted with Goodyear's Urban Crossover tires in the video below.

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