The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be a very dangerous device, being banned from airplanes and causing car fires and serious burns to users (and children) after exploding. This makes it the perfect weapon to help blow stuff up in the fictional world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Yes, the Note 7 is getting the GTA V treatment, becoming a bomb in this hilarious - and extremely entertaining - game modification. While gamers will be impressed by the amount of damage the smartphone can do, it should really come to no surprise that someone decided to make a huge joke out Samsung's huge mishap. The fact of the matter is, the Note 7 makes for a damn good weapon, gamers.

Created by the modder HitmanNiko, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now the one best weapons to use in GTA V for PC gamers.

HitmanNiko modified the weapons in the firearms store to now feature the smartphone instead of the sticky bomb.

For just an affordable $360, GTA V players can purchase one of the deadliest weapons in the store, the Galaxy Note 7, which is described as "a plastic explosive charge fit with a remote detonator."

Gamers can either stick the Note 7 to objects like a vehicle and then detonate the bomb, or give it a good toss and watch the destruction unfold. Just like the first batch of phones that were recalled, the Note 7 will combust, making it the perfect weapon for causing explosions.

The mod allows gamers to purchase more than just one, so they can stock up before there is a shortage or recall. Then feel free to go on a bombing spree when on foot, with the havoc not seeming to give the gamer any wanted stars from police. However, if the player starts throwing the Note 7 bombs out of their cars, it's best to flee the scene of the crime because the cops will be called. After all, someone has to be blamed and it sure won't be Samsung in this case.

Since we all know that the Note 7 can cause some serious damage, players will want to make sure they are out of its path when it explodes or else they will find themselves wasted. But overall, this gag on the exploding smartphone is worth every trip to the hospital.

Check out the exploding Note 7 in GTA V in action in the video below.

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