A new Tumblr account is bringing new meaning to the stereotypical model partying behavior; that bad girl known for attending lavish parties that have the liquor flowing. These Tumblr images suspect that J. Crew models have been drinking on the job -- in style.

"Ever notice how drunk the models for J.Crew are," the new Tumblr asks.

The account "Drunk J. Crew" takes the brand's catalog photos and adds humorous captions to them, pointing at how drunk the models look.

Known for their preppy yet not-too-pricey garb, the J.Crew models are seen showing off their casual chic looks, giving dazed and confused expressions. These same expressions make them appear as though they have been hitting the bottle more than a few times.

"I don like what's my HAIR," one caption reads as the model looks down, hands reaching for her hair.

"My sister is gon come pick me up in her subsaru ounback," another reads after a sequence of images that show that model can't seemingly walk in a straight line.

The models slouch in their clothes and have messy hair and sometimes strike awkward poses that make them look half high fashion, half plain old high or drunk.

Check out some of the posts below.

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