Microsoft has announced an event for Oct. 26 where the company is expected to unveil new products. Rumors about Microsoft's Surface All-In-One PC have been doing the rounds for several months now and it is likely that the company will officially reveal the device at the upcoming event.

Here is all we know about the Surface All-In-One PC.

Hardware Specs

The rumored Surface All-In-One PC is said to sport a big touchscreen. The PC could be available in different sizes and it is likely that a 21-inch Full HD screen model with a display resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is in the cards.

Speculations are also rife that two of the Surface All-In-One PCs will support 4K, which means that the display resolution will be 3,680 x 2,140 pixels. Rumors also note that one of the 4K models will be available with a 24-inch screen.

The Surface All-In-One PCs are likely to come running on Intel's Kaby Lake 14-nanometer processors.

Other hardware details of the Surface PC remain unknown for now.


Microsoft is also said to be working to redesign the accessory lineup for its Surface All-In-One PCs. Reports suggest that Microsoft may launch Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which also appeared on FCC filings.

These accessories are expected to be sold separately.

Release Date

At the upcoming Microsoft has an event, customers would want to lay their hands on the new PC as soon as possible, but the release date of the Microsoft PCs may depend on the release of Intel's Kaby Lake processors.


The Surface All-In-One PC is hotly anticipated, but the price could be a factor, which would determine the success of the PC. Reports suggest that the Surface PC could have a price tag of about $999.

Modular Design

The Surface PC is said to have a modular design and users will be able to detach the screen and keyboard. Such modular design will allow users to use the Surface PC as a tablet or use it as a full-fledged PC for productivity purposes.

Although, the Surface All-In-One PC is expected to be the highlight of the event, Microsoft is expected to unveil future plans of Windows 10 and Xbox One. Rumors of a Surface Phone have been circling the tech space for a few years now and smartphone enthusiasts are eager to see the first Surface-branded mobile phone.

Microsoft's Oct. 26 event in New York starts at 10 a.m. EDT and customers will have to wait another few weeks to find more details on the Surface All-In-One PCs.

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