OnePlus is anticipated to unleash the successor of its popular OnePlus 3 in April or May 2017, and rumors pertaining to what is now dubbed OnePlus 4 are already doing the rounds.

The latest buzz surrounding the upcoming phablet from the Taiwan-based company suggests that the next-gen handset in the OnePlus series will boast a Quad HD display and a powerful primary camera.

The OnePlus 4 is already being hailed as an iPhone 7 killer and this is not the first time rumors pertaining to the device have emerged online. In September, Tech Times reported that the OnePlus 4 was rumored to house a Snapdragon 830 processor, which will be an improvement on the OnePlus 3's Snapdragon 820. This is reaffirmed by new reports that hint at the successor being powered by the next-gen chipset.

The screen size of the OnePlus 4 is anticipated to be at least 5.5-inches, with OnePlus previously asserting that it will not offer any handset smaller than this. Why? Because it wants bigger batteries on the devices. The device is also rumored to sport a 4K display, which is possibly curved.

The OnePlus 4 will likely house 8 GB of RAM, which is higher than the 6 GB on OnePlus 3. While previous reports have pointed to a 23-megapixel primary camera for the OnePlus 4, the latest rumors point to a 21-megapixel camera.

Moreover, the Android-powered smartphone is expected to have a tweaked operating system. Basically, the company is anticipated to add additional elements to the Android OS to provide a better user experience.

In its "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit, OnePlus has revealed that it wanted fans to go: "Yeah, this is actually better than stock Android."

The OnePlus 4 could also come with an aluminum body similar to that of the OnePlus 3, and the company is anticipated to bring back the sandstone hue in 2017.

Since the company launched VR Loop this year, the OnePlus 4 could have dedicated features that take advantage of the technology. The battery capacity for the OnePlus 4 is anticipated to be between 3,500 mAh to 4,000 mAh.

The pricing for the OnePlus 4 is not yet known, but it should be affordable when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7.

It is also expected that the company might release the OnePlus 3 Plus — the bigger sibling of the OnePlus 3. This handset could have a Snapdragon 821 processor and 6 GB of RAM.

With two potential handsets in the pipeline, OnePlus fans have plenty to look forward to in the near future.

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