Microsoft's revamping of the iconic Paint app in Windows 10 started a lot of rumors, and some details started to leak over the weekend. An early variant of the app is online for everyone to enjoy.

Keeping up with the times, the company featured the Paint app with pen-and-touch support, turning it from a desktop-only app to a Universal Windows app.

Reviewers who tested the Paint app commended its impressive speed. Keep in mind that the majority of Universal Windows apps, such as Office, tend to lag behind when they are removed from the desktop environment. What is more, their mobile version seldom comes with advanced features proprietary to desktop apps.

To summarize, it looks like the animations in the app are top-notch, with a myriad of its basic features way easier to use using fingers/touch than the anterior Paint desktop app.

So far, it appears that the Paint app does not support layer-based projects, but this might have to do with the leaked copy being an old alpha variant. What is more, the app lacks the handy shortcuts from rival programs such as Photoshop, and it does not allow users to open multiple files at the same time. At alpha state, Paint feels a bit like an elementary photo editing/object creation tool.

The app allows users to crop images, insert text and get artsy using a slew of brushes and pencils to write over images. Microsoft was generous enough to throw in a few 2D freehand features, 2D shapes and basic 3D shapes for Paint users to use freely. Microsoft employees had exclusive access to a library of 3D objects.

The company released a video showcasing how easy the 3D object support works, but it should be noted that most 3D objects in the alpha version are a bit on the pixelated side.

We can see how the 3D object creation would be an ideal match for Microsoft's HoloLens hardware. The company is making a push to cater to the needs of creative types in its latest Surface 2-in-1s, so there is no surprise that the Paint app has so much originality potential.

During the upcoming Oct. 26 event, Microsoft is likely to reveal a new Surface all-in-one PC, as well as new apps that would give the rig a creative edge against rival hardware from Apple.

Check out the video below to see the neat things you can do in 3D with the new Paint app.

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