No matter how great a four-star restaurant is, all foodies know that there is nothing like a home-cooked meal. But for those who love to eat, but are amateurs when it comes to their own cooking skills, mastering certain recipes can be a challenge.

There is now a smart cooking system that will transform any novice foodie into a master chef.

Called Cuciniale, this cooking system taps into its intelligence to help users prepare the perfect meal without having to spend hours slaving over the stove just for something to turn out a bit off.

The system consists of three parts: a cooktop, a gourmet sensor and an app. The user starts by placing their food item such as a T-bone steak, chicken breast or rice side dish in a pan on top of the cooktop.

Then after launching the app, they select the kind of meat, fish, pork poultry, vegetable, rice or other side dish they are cooking, how they want to prepare it (such as sauce or braise) and the preferred level of cook time (like steak being medium or well done).

The user is instructed to place the sensor in the pan and then into the meat for example, and the app will inform them when it's completely cooked.

The sensor wand uses artificial intelligence and a total of six different sensors in its tip, which enables the app to automatically detect things like the weight, size, structure, fat, water and protein in the food item. The cooktop automatically adjusts the heat to weight and amount. Both of these help to make the meal to come out exactly how it should without any stress to impress or uncertainty for those new to the kitchen.

Cuciniale allows people to spend more time with family and friends and less time in the kitchen while hosting a dinner party. Instead, they can enjoy a glass of wine while keeping an eye on the app to see when it's time to start serving the main course. It basically does all the cooking for you since there is no stirring or checking of meat temperature required. Talk about smart cooking.

The app comes pre-programed with more than 300 healthy and delicious recipes, so that there is always something worth cooking with ease.

The Cuciniale intelligent cooking system is currently in development, and is available as part of a new Kickstarter campaign that just launched on Monday, Oct. 10. Those who pledge $167 will get the entire system, which will retail for $400 when it launches to the public. Cuciniale is expected to start shipping in March 2017.

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