Batman Is Now Saving Kids In The UK From The Creepy Killer Clowns Roaming Around The Cities


Creepy clowns are invading everywhere, with this trend seeming to get a bit out of hand as more and more people report sightings and no longer feel safe in their cities. Getting rid of this craze seems like a job for the only person who has what it takes to save the day against these jokers: Batman.

Batman has come to the rescue to get rid of the creepy clowns that are scaring children. However, he has not left Gotham to save the day in New York City, but rather for residents in Whitehaven, Cumbria in the UK.

Yes, the clown epidemic has spread across the pond. The trend here is a bit hyped up since it has been making headlines since the end of the summer.

The fact is a lot of it is media hype since many of the reported sightings were found to have no evidence behind them. However, social media has caused police in other cases to actually make arrests for real-life threats.

While clowns have been seen lurking in woods and outside school across the United States in a sick prank to spook us all, there have been some cases of violence.

And in the UK, these clowns are leaving many kids scared half to death as they have been reported to jump out from bushes to scare children and chase pedestrians. Clowns are a bit terrifying in their own right, just imagine spotting one being all shady down the street, let alone without having a knife in their hand as they chase you.

There was 50 clown incidents reported in Kent in just three short days, and 61 reports in South Yorkshire over the past three weeks. One clown case in Lancashire resulted in a man getting cut by a knife after defending himself against a clown at an ATM.

Police have since warned that dressing as a killer clown can lead to to a fine or worse, and it can "leave people feeling scared, anxious and intimidated."

But the popular superhero is now making rounds to help keep hysteria among children down.

According to BBC Cumbria, the costume company Cumbria Superheroes has enlisted the help of Batman to come get rid of the clown problem.

Someone dressed as the caped crusader is patrolling the streets to show young children that there is nothing to fear and they are well-protected.

A picture of Batman chasing after the clowns have been posted on Facebook, with kids even reaching out to say thank you to the superhero after parents shared the news.

For Batman, it's all in a good day's work.

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