So Google will be unleashing its very first Pixel phone line designed and made in-house on Oct. 20 to an understandably excited smartphone-loving public. To pave their way, the tech company has released two teaser videos to potentially whip up the frenzy further.

The first advertisement is titled "Together by you". It mainly included an overhead shot of a mass of people singing together and framed by a box that eventually morphed into an outline of the Pixel smartphone. The second clip largely followed the same visual strategy, putting a colorful tableaux inside the Google Search bar. This again morphed into the Pixel in the end.

Overall, the videos could appear strange to viewers. Aside from the eye-popping visuals and brief flash of the Pixel device itself, there are no specific details or specifications that directly sell the Pixel value propositions. One would probably ask, "How on earth those singing multitude or those pink balloons would get me to buy the handset?"

To put things in context, one should remember that the ad is only one minute long. The second one is even shorter at 30 seconds. There is very little opportunity, therefore, to get a clear narrative. So Google appears to have chosen a more subliminal approach while subtly appealing to emotion as opposed to a direct marketing pitch. This should explain the use of vivid colors to underscore the Pixel's imaging capabilities.

One can also turn to the background song for insights. The "Together by you clip," for example, unfolded with a catchy tune that ended with "Just the Two of Us" lyrics. The song tries to reinforce how the phone is made by Google and how the company is now closer to smartphone owners as a result.

The "Crush by you" clip is harder to decipher. Some observers feel it is a reference to the love between two people and that Pixel seems to be inserting itself into that concept. The background song again provides some cues. At one point, the lyrics said: "What's the chance that you will love me, too?"

A number of impressions so far agree that the ad is weird. Some observers note that there are some traces of ads made by Apple in the Pixel teasers. However, there has been no outright claim among these sources whether the teasers could have the same capability to captivate the public especially when after viewing them, people are left wondering what the affair was about.

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