First-person shooter Shadow Warrior 2 is now out for PC and should be coming its way to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms next year. Based on initial reviews, it seems that the heir to Flying Wild Hog's Shadow title can be summarized in just one word: ambitious.

Overall Impressions

Firstly, the game seems inspired by a number of titles that preceded it. A number of sources point to how Shadow Warrior 2 has liberally borrowed elements from these titles both in the narrative as well as in actual gameplay.

"Shadow Warrior 2 shares more with Diablo, actually," said PC World's Hayden Dingman.

Kotaku also noted this, citing the game's complex paths that are constantly branching into sidequests. But most reviewers surprisingly did not find this a bad thing at all.

"The 10-hour campaign is rich with enemy and environmental diversity offering a strong sense of variation that greatly benefits the gameplay loop," Game Revolution stressed.


There is some semblance of consensus that the experience of playing Lo Wang in both single and four-player modes is surprisingly unique and fun. The game's differences from the original title and the amalgamation of themes could claim some credit for it. However, it can also be attributed to the high level of cohesion in terms of presentation and the reviews are quite glowing in this respect.

According to Kotaku, the game has beautiful graphics, excellent sound effects and incredibly fast skills and attacks. Game Revolution is in agreement, noting that a gamer will probably be increasingly drawn to playing melee characters because battle graphics really feel spectacular and satisfying up close.


Now the game is not without flaws and you may be assured that these were articulated by reviewers in no uncertain terms. While it sure looks pleasing, said Game Revolution, there are still rough patches here and there such as the way some hues do not exactly fit nicely with the landscape. Reviewers also also took issue with the weak narrative elements.

"The cutscenes are littered with banter between characters and while some of it is endearing, there are times you'd want to skip through the dialogue," Gaming Bolt said.

"For some, these jokes can produce chuckles, but as a whole they are poorly executed by sub-par voice acting and writing," Game Revolution said.

Overall, the game lived up and even exceeded expectations despite its flaws. As a matter of fact, it could very well become one of 2016's most underrated games since it is not really the most talked-about title.

If you are prepared to shell $40 for this game, be assured that it will be an excellent material for quick game sessions. You will also surely enjoy the 70 weapon types, the plethora of loots, powers and attack styles. The frame rate is also decent, admirably holding its own during instances of total chaos and frantic activity.

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