In the future, the world as we know it no longer exists. Only the city of Bezoar remains in the vast wastelands, containing what little is left of humanity.

This is the setting of Hard Reset Redux, a new game by Flying Wild Hog that brings the cyborg apocalypse to life. Players must take on the role of a soldier to stand up against the threat of The Sanctuary, hive mind machines that would destroy the world and create the extinction of mankind.

"The walls of the last city have been breached," an email press statement by Flying Wild Hog reads. "The machines, threatening to bring about the total extinction of the human race, are inches away from wiping out what's left of the population. Can you defend the city of Bezoar, and in it, an inestimable network containing billions of digitized human minds?"

Hard Reset Redux is a cyberpunk FPS that arrives on June 3 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in North America, with a PlayStation 4 version arriving in Europe on June 8.

Watch the official launch trailer now:

Hard Reset players can expect enhanced visuals, new enemies and improvements to balance and performance in the new release of the game. There's also a new weapon, the Cyber-Katana, which lets players get up close and personal with combat in a "brutal, electrifying style."

PC players who already own the original Hard Reset on Steam will get an 85 percent discount on Hard Reset Redux. And don't worry, that discount will never expire, but is incompatible with other Hard Reset Redux promotions. Flying Wild Hog also plans on offering this discount to those who purchased 2013's Shadow Warrior on Steam and Gog.

There are also a few more goodies in store for players who purchase the game.

"We can already hear players begging to decimate more baddies with the Cyber-Katana, which is why everyone who purchases Hard Reset Redux on Steam will also obtain the Cyber-Katana in Shadow Warrior 2 when it releases," Flying Wild Hog writes. "Because sometimes you just have to switch up the shooting with some slicing."

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