After the massive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, attention is turning toward the future Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone and a new rumor hints at technology borrowed from the ill-fated Note 7.

Samsung's fall from grace after two Galaxy Note 7 recalls dealt a heavy blow, so it's paramount for the company to salvage its reputation and come up with a stellar product that would reinstate the public's confidence in its devices.

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to rock top-notch specs such as a 4K Super AMOLED curved display, but a new leak also suggests it will borrow key features the Note 7 brought to the Galaxy table.

More specifically, the Galaxy Note 7 boasted iris recognition that added an extra layer of security, and a Samsung supplier reportedly told Korea Herald that the Galaxy S8 will sport the technology as well.

Iris recognition was supposed to be a major selling point for the Galaxy Note 7, especially since Samsung tried to target the phablet at the enterprise market. The company most likely planned all along to bring the extra security to the Galaxy S8 as well, but it would've been easier to market it if it had a successful Note 7 to build on.

After the Note 7 recalls, however, Samsung can no longer build on the Note 7's security profile to promote the Galaxy S8 so it has to start all over again. Moreover, the Galaxy S8 not only has to establish itself as a strong product, but it also has to make up for the Note 7 flop and subsequent concerns regarding the safety of Samsung devices.

In addition to a high-end iris scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly sport a dual-lens rear camera system as well, which should compensate for the financial losses the Note 7 caused lens suppliers. A dual rear camera has virtually become the norm for top-notch smartphone flagships, so it makes sense that Samsung would want to pack it onto its Galaxy S8. At the same time, at least some sort of improvement should be on the table.

"Samsung never uses the same camera for its flagship models, upgrading the camera of its flagship device every year, so there surely will be an improvement (for the S8 camera)," an official from one of the component suppliers working on Samsung's Galaxy S8 told The Korea Herald.

All in all, it definitely looks like the Galaxy S8 will be a crucial device for the company and that has a lot to do with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Hopefully by the time the Galaxy S8 is ready to hit the market, Samsung would have solved any and all issues that could cause a device to overheat so much that it catches fire.

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