HTC is putting the pedal to the metal to roll out a new smartphone in 2017, and rumors show that it will pack a strong punch against both iOS and Android-based devices.

We lined up all the relevant information about the release date, features and specs of the HTC 10 successor for your reading pleasure.

HTC 11 Technical Specs

Until an official statement about the hardware comes, take these tidbits of info with a grain of salt.

The HTC 11 is said to sport a 5.5-inch screen, taking a leap ahead of HTC 10's display. That a 5.5-inch display is getting to be an industry standard is a fact backing this rumor, and there are few reasons to believe that the company will push for a phablet in its next smartphone variant.

The HTC 10's 15-megapixel camera is expected to be overpassed by the sensor in the HTC 11. Also, video recording will probably be bolstered in the 2017 flagship.

A recent batch of leaked videos and images hinted that the HTC 11 will sport a dual-edge display, alongside a waterproof build. Check out the full story here, but keep in mind that it might be just a concept and not the final version of the device.

Seeing how 2016 is the year of the VR, it may be that HTC is preparing something in terms of virtual reality support as well. A VR headset and wireless headphones could be in tow, should HTC choose to take a leaf out of Apple's playbook.

Rumors surfaced about the HTC 11 carrying a hefty battery of 3,500 mAh, with the processing power of the device relying on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC backed by no less than 8 GB RAM. Insiders touted that the new HTC smartphone could ramp up its internal storage to as high as 256 GB via microSD.

HTC 11 Features

The smartphone will be loaded with everything you would expect in the area, ranging from Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities to DualBand, Direct and GPS with assisted GPS. Last, but not least, it should carry BDS, Beidou, GLONASS, Infrared, Bluetooth v4.3 and NFC support. What is more, the HTC 11 will probably tap into the potential of the Type-C reversible USB connector.

HTC 11 Price

If previous editions of the smartphone give any help, the price point of the 2017 HTC flagship should hover at about $900 in the global market.

HTC 11 Release Date

Insiders familiar with the matter say that HTC 11 could see a global rollout before Q2 2017 ends, with users being able to order the device in a few months.

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