Sad news for Deadpool fans who are looking forward to the sequel. The director, Tim Miller, has walked away from the project, and it would seem as if it has much to do with differences with Ryan Reynolds, the man behind the red mask.

This is a huge deal seeing as Deadpool went well under Miller's direction. Without him in the hot seat, things could take a nosedive unless Twentieth Century Fox do something quickly to keep the ship from sinking.

We're not certain of the reason why Reynolds and Miller can't agree, but according to Bleeding Cool, creative differences might be the reason for the split. The big question right now, is how will this affect Deadpool 2, who will be the new director, and whether or not Tim Miller is interested in returning.

James Gunn, the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy, wasn't too pleased with the news.

Seeing as the first movie did well for Fox despite having an R rating, we see no reason for the company to put the movie on a hiatus. We expect things to move forward, but not with the return of Miller. A new director will be brought in, but how that affects the sequel will be left to be seen.

The most important thing here is that Ryan Reynolds won't be leaving. He's the main aspect why Deadpool works, so it's best to have a new director rather than a new actor to play the character of Wade Wilson.

Deadpool was a huge success when it released on Valentine's Day in 2016. The movie went on to make $786 million at the box office, something most folks were expecting, and this is mainly due to the R rating. A comic book movie that doesn't target children and the entire family should have been a failure, but Deadpool broke the curse.

In a statement, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox says parting ways with Tim Miller was amicable. We can only guess the company is working to get a new director as easly as possible to get production up to speed.

Outside of movies, Deadpool is causing trouble in the comics. Earlier this year, Deadpool and Spider-Man made fun of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the comic book, Spider-Man/Deadpool #6. They basically view the movie as boring, and that instead of using the film to set up future movies in the DC Extended Universe, the folks involved should have focused on making a good film.

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