Fans of Pokémon GO are currently waiting with bated breath for the confirmation of an official Halloween event from Niantic.

While the company is yet to confirm such an event, it has announced that another update for iOS and Android is coming.

When the update hits, expect it to make a few changes to the egg-hatching system. According to an official post on the website: "Professor Willow discovered that Eggs have different patterns depending on the distance required to hatch them."

It's uncertain what this forebodes for Pokémon egg-hatching, but Niantic has presumably differentiated various types of eggs by making them visually distinguishable from one another. Nobody knows for certain if this is true, since the update's rollout is still ongoing.

In the games, the three eggs differ in the required distance for them to hatch: 2 km, 5 km or 10 km. While they require varying amounts of traveled distance to hatch, they aren't visually different.

Niantic may have given its eggs their due icon refresh, so trainers are able to easily identify them. Sure, it doesn't seem like it's necessary, given the fact that fans of the app accuse Niantic of ignoring what fans actually want, but it's a nice little touch.

Niantic's strategy with Pokémon GO is to outfit it with piecemeal updates over frequent intervals, and this recent update follows the many relatively minor updates that came before it, like gym training improvements or Pokédex changes.

Apart from different egg icons, Niantic is also adding icons for different Pokémon types in the app's information screen for each Pokémon.

For those who have purchased the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, the update also brings a low battery indicator.

Niantic has been fairly generous with updates to the app as of late, but one of the biggest requests from fans is the return of Pokémon tracking as it's somewhat a chore to find the specific Pokémon users want.

There's been a visible climate of upset from the audience since Niantic tightened its security measures, disallowing third-party developers to access and mangle its code base. Maybe it can offset the backlash by bringing two much-anticipated features: PvP battles and Pokémon trading.

Hopefully the company is finding ways to implement the features into the game, in the spirit of making the Pokémon GO experience closer to what the mainline Pokémon titles offer.

Version 0.43.3 of Pokémon GO for Android and version 1.13.3 for iOS should be pushed out to users shortly.

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