Gamers have become accustomed to each major new release offering up a profusion of preorder bonuses and special offers for those who decide to buy a game from one store or another. Whether it's exclusive beta access, XP boosts or weapon skins, if you've preordered anything in the last few years, you likely know the drill.

But that doesn't mean figuring out where to preorder a particular game is easy. Quite the contrary - in fact, it takes more than a little research. There are tons of retailers out there, and oftentimes they'll each have a unique preorder bonus for each major new video game.

Thankfully, that's where this handy guide comes in. We've scoured the internet for all the information we could gather about Final Fantasy XV preorder bonuses and special editions, assembling them all in one place here for your convenience. You can thank us later.

Day One Edition - Everywhere

Picking up Final Fantasy XV at launch will score you the day one edition, which essentially boils down access to the legendary Masamune sword, something that presumably won't be available in later editions of the game.

Deluxe Edition - Everywhere (If Still Available)

The $89.99 Final Fantasy XV Deluxe edition comes with an exclusive steelbook case, the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV CG movie and extra in-game content in the form of the Royal Rainment outfit and Platinum Leviathan car recolor. The Masamune sword included with the day one edition is also included.

Ultimate Collector's Edition - Square-Enix Online Store

If you want the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XV, you'll have to go straight through Square Enix. This $269.99 edition of the game includes everything from the day one and deluxe editions, as well as a hardcover artbook, an exclusive steelbook case, game soundtrack, the Amazon preorder bonus content listed below and a Play-Arts-Kai Noctis action figure. The PS4 version of the ultimate edition currently isn't available, but there are still Xbox One versions up for preorder.

'A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV' Game - GameStop

Preordering any edition of Final Fantasy XV at GameStop comes with an unusual preordre bonus - an entire extra game. Taking place 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy XV proper, A King's Tale is a side-scrolling action RPG with "retro" inspired visuals that takes players through three distinct locations in the Final Fantasy XV universe. There's no telling what the quality, or length, of A King's Tale is, but it's still a nice bonus nonetheless.

Gold Chocobo Regalia And Weapon Sets - Amazon

Going with Amazon for your Final Fantasy XV purchase will score you a number of additional weapons taken from various Final Fantasy games of the past in the form of FFIX's "Mage Mashers", FFXIII's "Blazefire Saber" and FFIV's "Gae Bolg". The Amazon preorder bonus also includes the Gold Chocobo Regalia car recolor.

Post Card Set - Square-Enix Online Store

Preordering any version of Final Fantasy XV from the Square-Enix Online store snags buyers a set of five post cards taken from moments within the game.

Final Fantasy XV releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbx One on Nov. 29.

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