Battlefield developer DICE is known for including some fantastic Easter eggs within their games.

From bizarre reload animations to the prehistoric shark Megalodon rising from the depth of the ocean, Battlefield 4 alone is filled with all kinds of cool secrets for players to discover should they put in the time and effort to find them.

It's only natural then that DICE would continue the tradition with the newly released Battlefield 1, and players are already hot on heels of what appears to be the game's Easter egg trail.

Mysterious Headphones

As documented on Reddit and in various YouTube videos, players have discovered mysterious headphones sprinkled across Battlefield 1's multiplayer maps. These headphones appear to activate hidden radios on the various maps that in turn transmit some kind of message when interacted with. Some players are assuming the "beep" heavy messages to be some kind of Morse code, but it's still unclear if that is indeed the case.

Morse code or not, the real question is what exactly does the message translate to? It's unclear if each radio features a distinct message or are somehow each a piece of a greater whole, but so far it doesn't appear that anybody has cracked the code.

At first glance it appears the radios might not be all that different from the elaborate Illuminati Easter egg in Battlefield 4. That secret also required players to translate a Morse code message (a message in the Belarusian language, no less), in addition to players having to solve various secret puzzles and discover numerous hidden items spanning multiple Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps.

Crack The Code

It took almost two years to crack, and those who did so were rewarded with a special weapon camo previously thought to only be available to DICE employees.

No doubt there are other surprises in store as well. Considering just how many Easter eggs can be found in Battlefield 4 (Easter eggs that include Yetis, dinosaur roars, UFOs and much more), it only seems natural that DICE has snuck in some other secrets outside of this mysterious broadcast. It just might take players a while to discover them.

We loved Battlefield 1 in our review, largely due to the game's stellar multiplayer experience. You can read our full review of DICE's latest title. The game is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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