Project Scorpio Making 'Amazing Progress' Says Head Of Xbox: Early Release Inbound?


Microsoft seem to be preparing itself for a possible early launch of Project Scorpio, as development on the console is ahead of schedule. We're not certain how far ahead, but if it's significant, we could be witnessing the birth of an announcement that pushes the launch date forward.

We're saying this because the head of Xbox clearly stated in an interview that development is ahead of schedule at the moment. He said he was in a day-long meeting with the team, and from what he has found out, it makes him quite happy with where everything is at right now.

"I'm in a day long review of where the team is on Scorpio right now," Phil Spencer said on Twitter in response to a question from a fan who wanted to know if Project Scorpio would launch early. "Amazing progress and we are feeling good about schedule."

With the PS4 Pro launching in November, Microsoft might feel the need to release Project Scorpio earlier than expected rather than wait until the holiday season. This would allow the company to bridge the gap between both systems in terms of sales.

The Xbox One S won't be able to stand toe-to-toe with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro for an entire year. Not to mention, the Nintendo Switch is coming in March of 2017, another system that will likely take attention away from the Xbox One S.

It became quite clear that Microsoft may have to push faster, but let's hope the company doesn't rush to the point where another Red Ring of Death disaster takes place.

How Much Will Project Scorpio Cost?

Well, it would seem the console won't be cheap. In an interview with GameSpot, Phil Spencer made it clear that Project Scorpio is a premium product, but what he means exactly is left to be seen. Will it cost $600 or $399? He did state the price won't be something we've never seen before, so we can assume the cost won't surpass $600 seeing as the PlayStation 3 was that expensive and did not perform well at that price.

The most important thing right now is whether or not Project Scorpio can become more powerful than the PS4 Pro. On paper, it is, but we know that theory isn't enough when it comes down to real-world performance. It's still left to be seen if Microsoft can create a console that is truly the most powerful ever conceived. We have a full year to find out firsthand.

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