Apple gears up for its iPhone 8 launch next year, and every rumor points to the fact that the device will break ground in more than one way.

iPhone 8 Specs Rumors

The iPhone 8 is touted to sport an all-screen design, paired with a haptic feedback home button that will make the physical home button a piece of history. Last but not the least, an OLED screen is expected to adorn the front of the handset.

Should rumors about the iPhone 8's curved display hold water, the side buttons might also be in for a change. Insiders hinted that Apple could switch to ceramic for the outer shell of the upcoming flagship, despite the fact that Apple does not have the manufacturing capacity to meet current ceramic iPhone demand.

The most daring of rumors are claiming that the iPhone 8 will holster a clear all-screen front.

However, until Apple releases its 10th anniversary smartphone, another brand launched a concept phone that can challenge the iPhone 8, and it will be available this November.

What Xiaomi Mi Mix Offers 

This Tuesday, Xiaomi showcased the Mi Mix smartphone in the image above, and it sports a generous 6.4-inch screen. The almost bezel-less display occupies almost 92 percent of the frontal side of the device.

Xiaomi deployed some pretty interesting design changes, one being that the selfie snapper now sits in the bottom bezel. However, users can rotate the phone for an old-school selfie. Ultrasound replaces the proximity sensor in the Mi Mix, and the front speaker is traded off for a piezoelectric speaker that taps into a metal frame to generate sound.

According to reports, the smartphone maker used ceramic in the backside of its concept phone and its buttons.

Taking a peek inside the Mi Mix, we find strong specs at a very competitive price. The smartphone relies on a Snapdragon 821 CPU for processing power, which teams up with 4 GB of RAM and a hefty 128 GB of storage.

As a reminder, that's what users can get in a Google Pixel as well.

Feature-wise, a main 16-megapixel rear camera is on the back of the device, which also features a fingerprint sensor. Departing from Apple's playbook is the headphone jack, which is still present in Xiaomi's Mi Mix. Dual-SIM support and a strong 4,400 mAh battery complete the device.

For the standard model, buyers will have to shell out about $516, with the first handsets scheduled to ship on Nov. 4. An investment of $590 will grant you a Mi Mix with 6 GB of RAM and doubled storage space.

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