Microsoft introduced its Surface Studio on Oct. 26, and accompanying the device was a tiny accessory that could be the little big thing to look forward to. Meet the Surface Dial.

The peripheral is basically able to integrate with Windows 10 so that it can work in tandem with Surface devices to offer users a more seamless experience. With the Surface Dial, tasks such as zooming, navigating and scrolling are more intuitive, as well as faster.

"Surface Dial is a completely new way to interact with technology and create in the most natural, immersive way. Store, customize, access, navigate and reimagine physical tools in the digital world - from concept to creation," says Microsoft.

What You Can Do With The Surface Dial

The Surface Dial, as the name suggests, looks like a round knob. It is wireless and will enable users to perform a slew of tasks with a simple turn of the dial. While designed with the Surface Studio in mind, the peripheral will also work with other Surface devices such as the Surface Book, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4.

However, with the Surface Studio tablet, the Dial is able to control the device when resting on its display - something that is not possible on the older-gen Surface tablets.

The Surface Dial can be stuck to the Surface Studio's display to enable direct interaction. When you remove the peripheral, you get greeted by a proxy digital version on the tablet's screen.

The puck-like peripheral could take a couple of minutes to get used to, but is pretty slick and glides seamlessly. It is also pretty responsive - similar to what one would expect from a wireless keyboard or mouse.

The programmable accessory when placed on the Surface Studio opens up several digital tools that are particular to the app that is open, which essentially enables one to navigate effortlessly through the work. You can use it to adjust the brightness of the tablet, navigate documents, increase or decrease the audio volume and more.

For instance, the Surface Dial is pretty handy when deployed in the Maps app. However, it can be only used off-screen for Maps. You can tap the accessory to enable "Tilt" and the Surface Dial will manage the orientation of the map. If you spin the Surface Dial in one direction, the map will zoom out. Turn it the other way and you can zoom into the map.

Surface Dial Price And Availability

The nifty little accessory is currently up for preorder and will set consumers back by $99.99. The Surface Dial is set to hit the shelves on Nov. 10. Those preordering the Surface Studio will get the peripheral for free.

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