The iPhone 7 lost the 3.5mm headphone jack, causing more and more users to look toward wireless headsets. We are comparing the X3 and Freedom models from JayBird so you know which wireless headphones fit your needs best.


The X3 is the third iteration of JayBird's wireless headphones, and comes with a redesigned Secure-fit, making it perfect for dynamic activities ranging from bouldering to cycling and trail running.

"The smallest wireless buds ever with insanely big sound," JayBird says about its Freedom headset.

Where Freedom is concerned, a sleek, helmet-compatible metal accented design makes it easy to accessorize the headphones to your biking gear.

Fans of JayBird can choose to have their Freedom wireless buds in four color options: carbon, gold, blaze and ocean, while the X3 buds only sport two colors: blackout and sparta.

The universal over/under secure ear-fit system is present in the Freedom wireless headphones, and the company touts that it refined the shape factor even more in the X3.

Specs And Features

As the wireless headsets are targeted toward customers with an active lifestyle, both the X3 and the Freedom are sweat-proof. What is more, both headphones feature premium buds that pump out sound for enhanced audio performance (calls and music).

JayBird allows users to carefully customize how they want to enjoy their music. Regardless of what device you pair your buds with, the sound profile that you craft is saved to the Freedom or X3 buds.

Those having bass-reliant playlists can now add that specific sound profile, and switch to a more treble-based sound scheme when necessary.

The JayBird MySound app that controls the presets is available for both iOS and Android.

Battery Life

Battery life is identical in the X3 and Freedom, as both wireless headphones grant eight hours of workout on a full charge.

Where the X3 is involved, a quick charging capability offers a full hour of tunes after only 15 minutes of charging. JayBird Freedom allows users to tap into a state-of-the-art, listen-while-you-charge mobile charging.

Price And Availability

One pair of JayBird X3 headphones will cost $129.99, while the Freedom model is a tad more pricey, asking customers to shell out $199.95.

Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones will start selling at the official site of the manufacturer on Oct. 27. Best Buy stores and other vendors from Canada and the United States should be bringing the wireless headphones to their shelves as soon as November.

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