The Huawei Mate 9 is probably one of the most sought-after mobile releases of this year, and rumors about the device are already pouring in. The latest hints at an extended battery life and quick charging capabilities.

Local Competition

Huawei's main local rival, Xiaomi, recently rolled out two interesting devices, as well. The company just unveiled two flagship phablets: the Mi MIX and Mi Note 2, but despite them being attractive and powerful gadgets, their global availability is somewhat limited.

The company pointed out that the Mi Mix will be available in China, where the basic variant of the device will cost 3,499 yuan ($516), with the premium edition taking the price up to 3,999 yuan ($590).

The Video Ad

Huawei, on the other hand, made waves with its Mate 8 phablet, which rolled out in 2015 and the company is looking at a similar warm welcome for the upcoming Mate 9.

The Huawei Mate 9 will unveil itself on Nov. 3 in Munich, Germany, and the company has a promotional live ad that promises extended battery life in its release.

In the video, Huawei interviews a few people and asks them about their feedback about their current smartphone's power management.

"You know the moment when your battery jumps from 40 pecent to 21 percent and then it turns off all of a sudden?" one person in the ad asks.

Another interviewee notes that always carrying the charger for his phone defeats the purpose of mobility, and a third person mentions that quick recharge rates are becoming increasingly important.

Huawei does not mention the Mate 9 in this commercial, but at the end of the video the company reminds its fans about the Munich event on Nov. 3. What is more, a recent leaked image confirms that the Mate is in tow for launch during the event.

Two Mate 9 Variants

Rumors about the device have been piling up for a while now, and if they should hold water, we are looking at two variants for the device. The standard model could pack a flat screen and no physical home button, while the Pro variant which might sport a hardware key under the display and a curved display.

The Mate 9 will rely on a Kirin 960 64-bit eight-core CPU for processing power. Additional information hints that a dual-lens camera and a fingerprint sensor are part of the configuration of upcoming the phablet.

Until the official launch event takes place, we advise our readers to take these rumors with a grain of salt. You can watch Huawei's mysterious video ad below.

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